North East Lincolnshire awards from welfare scheme

Awards from the North East Lincolnshire council are available for vulnerable families. The financial assistance is limited and is usually combined with other support, such as free advice as well as Discretionary Housing Payments for any rent that is due. Also, the scheme is only available as a last resort for families that have used up all other resources available to them.

As part of the crisis programme, the council can provide everything from furniture for a new home to pre-paid fuel cards for energy bills or vouchers to a food bank. Most of the aid is for those families on a low income that are faced with a health or safety crisis. Other bills can be addressed as well by the team at the council office.

The other part of welfare, the North East Lincolnshire care awards, or for individuals that are leaving an institution such as a hospital or are threatened with this if they do not get help. This will mostly offer household goods, such as bedding or furniture.

Emergency assistance in North East Lincolnshire

This form of support is provided by the crisis part of welfare. Vulnerable families can only apply for help as a last resort. They also need to be on a low income and turned to other charities and even friends or family before seeking financial aid from the council.

The North East Lincolnshire Council also combined the welfare scheme with other services they offer, such as the Discretionary Housing Payment. This is slightly different than many other councils, but it also provides the resident more options when they are faced with a hardship.

The aim of the scheme is to provide support in a crisis. Some examples of what may be provided are as follows. Any assistance is short term only, and it can usually last a few days.

Welfare will offer a 3 day supply of food. Then longer term support or for multiple needs, a voucher is given to a local foodbank. The crisis can also be addressed for fuel bills to keep a family warm. When eligible the council will offer a pre-paid card to provide financial support that can last up to 7 days, which can provide the household time to enter into a payment plan or find another solution.

Awards from North East Lincolnshire will also help those in a disaster or facing domestic violence. In these cases the applicant may receive housing support or placement into a shelter. Or if the family lost their home to to a disaster, then a crisis award can provide furniture, clothing, white goods, and similar items.

Care awards from the council

This form of support is for mostly housing needs, and in particular the household goods needed for them. If an elderly person, or someone that is sick, is threatened with going to an institution because they do not have the items they need for their home, then the council will try to provide those goods.

Another use will be for people leaving care. This may be for someone who was ill leaving a hospital or an ex-offender. In these cases, the welfare scheme can also provide furniture for their new home. Or they may offer cooking supplies. In very rare cases will North East Lincolnshire provide assistance with a rent deposit. However the council will help the person apply for benefits or the Discretionary Housing Payment if eligible.

The application process for either a crisis or care award is extensive. Any support is at the council’s discretion. The applicant needs to be on a low income and either on benefits, or they would be qualified if they were to apply. The North East Lincolnshire council considers each application individually. Proof of the hardship and income needs to be given to them as well. A decision could be made in 2 to 5 days, depending on the type of emergency.


sandra palma says:

Hello, I came here to ask for help from the welfare scheme. I am single parent with 3 small kids in North East Lincolnshire and at the moment I get income support, child tax credits and child benefit. I moved to Grimsby about one month ago bit I live in UK for 7 years.
I had housing and council tax benefit. I had all the welfare schemes but now the North East Lincolnshire council declined my housing and council tax benefit. I paid my rent this month but I’m without money to pay the rent next month or pay any bills. At the moment I just have 5 pounds on electricity and 4 pounds on gas and no food for my kids … I hope hear from you soon.