Free emergency food banks in Tyne and Wear | Free food in Tyneside and Newcastle area

Low income families in Tyne and Wear can get help from food banks. There are several not-for-profit centres in the area, including south and North Tyneside and the city of Newcastle, that support vulnerable residents and work to prevent hunger. The foodbank and soup kitchen locations, which are mostly around Newcastle but there are some in other towns, may provide a parcel of goods that can contain a few days worth of free food or groceries to eligible families.

The contents of each bag or box of groceries from a foodbank will vary, as it relies on they types of items donated by local stores, restaurants or collected by volunteers. But they may have items such as non-perishable goods, which may be rice or coffee. Some of the centres, such as soup kitchens in Tyne and Wear referenced below, may have free hot meals for the homeless and low income.

Residents of Newcastle and surrounding towns can turn to Trussell Trust network locations, churches, or other charities for food in a crisis. Other support is also usually available for people in poverty, such as signposting to benefits or employment programmes.

Council schemes that offer food assistance

Residents of Gateshead can apply for support from the council. Awards can be issued as part of welfare, and what will be provided is either a free box of groceries or a voucher to a local food bank. This form of assistance is for low income families as well as people that are on benefits. Find more information on Gateshead Council crisis awards.

Newcastle City Council – For families that are local to the city, they can receive a parcel of food as part of the Crisis Support and Supporting Independence Scheme. The family will need to be on a low income and apply. Even if the council can’t assist, then may offer referrals to food banks in Tyne and Wear or other services. Locate details on the Newcastle Crisis Schemes and how to get more information.

North Tyneside council provides food vouchers or direct support from their local welfare scheme. Depending on the results of the assessment, this can help those families on a low income in a crisis. A parcel of food, including tea, tinned meat, veggies, and more may also be passed out. Read more North Tyneside local welfare scheme.

Sunderland City Council provides food vouchers as part of their welfare scheme. The programme, known as crisis support, is for families on a low income or benefits. It is a resources that is limited and any assistance for food or other bills is solely at the discretion of the council, and residents can learn more on the Crisis Support scheme in Sunderland City Council.

Charity free foodbank centres

Basis @ 336 is a charity that offers many services to the homeless and people in poverty. One is a soup kitchen that serves hot meals. Other assistance from the centre at 336 High Street, Gateshead, NE11 0JQ for includes signposting to Tyne and Wear government benefits, shelter, free internet access to job search, and more. Call 0191 491 5700.

BAY Food bank is an organisation that provides assistance to the northern part of Tyne and Wear. There is help to families facing an emergency, and they may receive a few days worth of free food or groceries. A voucher is needed, and people can get it from places such as CAB, a doctor, or social worker. The address is North Shields , Tyne and wear , NE29 7XB, and call 0191 257 3820 for hours.

Children’s Society Brunswick Methodist Church will offer one free bag of food per family. There is also help for Asylum seekers as well as migrant families. Pasta, rice, fish, and more is offered. People with children do not need a referral to use this food bank. Address is Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7BJ, or call 0191 256 5037.

Church of the Venerable Bede is open on Monday and Thursdays. The food bank helps the low income in west Newcastle. Families with a voucher can receive a parcel containing tinned meats, baby nappies, coffee, pasta, and breads. Or a box has tinned fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Other food may be in the box too from the centre at West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 8AQ. Ring 07580 751365.

DePaul Northeast Food bank provides information on benefits, a hot drink, box of groceries, and more to low income families. To get food from the scheme they run, a voucher is needed. The address of the Resource Centre is Oxford Street, Whitley Bay, NE26 1AD, phone 0191 253 6161.

Elim Pentecostal Church, Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 1SD, phone 0191 447 4675. There will be canned fruits and veggies as well as coffee. The parcel may also have fish, free meat, and more. Referrals from front line care professionals are needed.

FareShare serves the North East part of the city of Newcastle. Free food is from the charity at Greenfinch Way Gateway West, Newburn Riverside Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NX. Call 0191 2781895.

Muslim Initiative Angelou Centre helps low income immigrants and people of Muslim faith. Food assistance is from the organisation, which is at 7 Brighton Grove, Fenham, NE4 5NS.

Newcastle Enterprise Centre is another location to contact. The charity is at Lynnwood i8, Lynnwood Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 6UL.

People’s Kitchen serves hundreds of free meals per night, including around the Christmas holiday. Volunteers that work at the Newcastle upon Tyne charity prepare them for the homeless and vulnerable. Other services include vouchers to free food banks, signposting, and more. Continue with more People’s Kitchen.

Salvation Army in Tyne and Wear has several soup kitchens and free food banks. One is at 2 Brinkburn St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2AT, (phone 191 265 4306). Another is at Church in North Shields, 28 Howard St, North Shields NE30 1AR, (phone 44 191 257 6767). Both help the poor, needy, and low income. Social services can include free boxes or parcels of food as well as clothes, hygiene items, job programmes, and more.

Storehouse at the Tyneside Vineyard both runs a soup kitchen as part of a drop in Cafe, and they also do provide food parcels too. This centre uses volunteers to pack boxes and serve free, hot Christmas meals too from the centre at Ariel House.

There are other programmes from the Storehouse as well. This may be baby equipment as well as clothing, or milk for new infants. The clothes, such as winter coats, are also donated from the Tyne and Wear County area. The location is City Road, NE1 2AQ. Telephone is 0191 475 0955. The cafe is only open Thursday 1.00pm – 3.00pm as well as Saturday morning.

Streetcare serves free meals on many Saturdays as well as during Christmas. The Sunderland based organisation provides many other assistance programmes to the homeless, including information, referrals, and vouchers that a low income person can use at a food bank. Read Streetcare services.

Food and meals can be delivered in some cases from The King’s Castle Church. Volunteers pack boxes, and may deliver food to the disabled and senior citizens with referrals. The address is Brinkburn Street, Byker NE6 2AR. Call 079 7647 9111 for information.

Walking With Walls People’s Centre operates a foodbank. The location is Frank Street, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE28 6RN, phone 0191 263 5029. The centre is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

Churches in Tyne and Wear that offer food

The locations below are part of the Trussell Trust network. They can be turned to in an emergency as well. People need to be local to the area, have a voucher, and meet other conditions to get a free parcel of food. Tinned goods, meat, dairy, and other groceries may be offered.

  • Gateshead foodbank is at 10 Glendale Gardens, Low Fell, Gateshead, NE9 5SA, call 0191 487 0898. The location is open Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings.
  • Elim Church Newcastle, The Dream Centre, Heaton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE6 1SB, phone 0191 4474675.
  • Newcastle West End residents have a free food bank too. The Trussell Trust centre is at Church of the Venerable Bede, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 8AQ. Dial 07580 751365.


Ashleigh says:

I have a lot of unwanted kitchen goods such as bowls, plates etc and wondered if these could be of any use for those who are struggling and perhaps cannot afford to buy these things at the food bank. They are in good condition with no chips or anything.

Jean Todd says:

Sorry to be a pain, but I was just wondering if I would be entitled to any of the food banks, as I am struggling so so much now. I work part time and my son is on jobseekers. I pay full rent of 400 per month, full council tax of 112.00 per month, and now my payday has changed from 23rd of every month to 31st of every month. On top of all my bills and food I can’t cope with this. Thanks.

Kenneth Long says:

Jean it is an honor to consider your request. I think you will find that the first step is to make contact with the closest food bank to you. They will let you know if you qualify for aid at that location or at another nearby. What is especially helpful is that they are often the first point of contact for other aid organisations in Tyne and Wear that help local families get through short-term economic hardship.