Manchester housing payments and rental help

For individuals that owe rent to their landlord, they have several services available to them in the greater Manchester area. People can explore grants, emergency aid, legal counselling, and other options. The council may also offer Discretionary Housing Payments to elegible low income families. The programmes are available for a crisis situation and are for people with a short term hardship. There are no guarantees of any support being provided.

Priority is given to those facing eviction or homelessness. Each organisation or housing authority will review applications on a one off basis. If they determine that someone is qualified for additional financial aid due to their emergency situation then funds may be issued. In most cases it will be a grant for paying a portion of rental arrears, and the applicant will need to participate in self-sufficiency as well.

In other cases, the applicant will be referred to private charities or not-for profits. Or a tenant may turn to counselling, legal aid or advice on dealing with any rent arrears or other debts they owe.

City South Manchester Trust may be able to help those families that owe rent to their landlord. Always contact this organisation as early as possible. Volunteers and advisors from the centre can provide information, referrals, and give advice when someone is faced with an emergency or hardship in one of the accommodations they manage.

The housing benefits provided to people can be complicated to understand, and it changes often. The Trust may be able to work with your landlord to work out some type of payment plan on any rent arrears. They can also advice on any schemes or assistance programmes that may be available, including for people facing poverty.

They operate thousands of properties in Manchester, and tenants needs to contact the Trust as soon as possible before any legal action is taken. Turing House, Archway 5, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5RL, 0800 840 1444

Counted In – They mostly focus on housing resettlement services. The charity may offer help to them when moving into new accommodations in the Manchester area. The outreach they offer can provide information to rough sleepers on rental programmes. 0161 835 5920.

The Help with Rent team is funded by nine local authorities within Greater Manchester to help residents with rent and budget shortfalls. The service provides a Mobile Advice Centre that travels to area locations on weekdays for consultations.

Legal aid for housing issues – Tenants that are disputing an eviction notice from their landlord, or need mediation, can try contacting a Manchester legal firm. A combination of solicitors and other professionals can provide free legal advice. Clients get assistance with applications for housing payments, learn how to receive help with rent arrears, and find solutions for other concerns. More on Manchester legal advice for housing needs.

Manchester City Council provides fund as part of Discretionary Housing Payments. It is only for people that live in the area. The applications and programme is administered by the Revenues and Benefits Unit. A number of conditions need to be met, and some of them may be as follows.

The council may be able to help with rent if the individual has unusual hardship that is not created by them. There may also be assistance for a housing payment to those that are struggling due to under-occupation rules or there may be help for tenants impacted by the benefit cap.

There is no guarantee the council in Manchester will help pay your rent. However, they are an option for households and tenants that need additional financial aid in an emergency. The address is Manchester City Council Revenues and Benefits Unit, call 0161 234 5003.

Manchester University Legal Advice Centre provides free advice to tenants and others, regardless of income. They can advise tenants on their rights when they are faced with evictions or homelessness. They also may have information on housing payment benefits and where to turn to for rent help in an emergency. Unit 18 University Precinct, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9QH, Phone 0161 275 7976.

Southway Housing Trust provides guidance and assistance to tenants. If you owe rent arrears or are struggling with other debt payments, then advisors can sometimes help. They may negotiate them on your behalf or get your monthly payments reduced.

The services they provide can help with many different expenses. They can assist with utility bills, back rent, loans, and more. In some cases, the trust may arrange for legal support from other not-for profit firms in the Manchester are. All of their advice and information is also provided for free. Appointments are needed from tenants, so please call in advice. Address is Aspen House, 825 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, M20 2SN, 0161 448 4200.


Kirsty says:

Hi, was wondering if you help people who privately rent in Manchester. I’ve got a bit of arrears with my rent owing around £2000. I’m trying to get out of it but struggling as bills, food, etc seam to get the most of it. If I could possibly get some help towards this would be really appreciated as I have 3 children eldest being 18 who suffers from social emotional and behaviour disorder and learning difficulties.
I have to travel to college twice a week with and 14 year old twins growing quicker than I would like. I just need to get this rent arrears down its making me feel quite ill and worried of being eviction.