Luton grants from crisis support scheme

Residents of Luton can turn to the council for assistance from the crisis support scheme. This is a welfare programme that can be applied to when facing a one-time emergency and when there are no other options available. Awards can be provided in two different ways, and one is for a crisis and the other is community care.

The Luton council took over the responsibility of issuing welfare payments from the Department for Work and Pensions. Any type of grant or voucher is only for people on a low income or that are on benefits, and the council will not provide non-cash awards. Examples may be pre-paid cards for fuel bills or a voucher for a food bank. There may also be assistance for establishing a home or resettling, and this may be white goods or essential furniture such as bedding. The council will review the request, and provide assistance as they see fit.

Awards are only issued at most twice per 12 months, and applicants needs to be over the age of 16, on a low income, or in priority need if they are homeless. Applicants in Luton will also need to be on some type of government benefits, such as Job Seekers Allowance or the Pension Credit if they are elderly. Other benefits may qualify the applicant as well. However the council can always make exceptions as well.

The funds are at the discretion of the authority. No family or individual is entitled to any award, and the crisis support scheme is very limited and the number of residents that can be helped is small. Even when a grant is issued, the amount of goods will be small and are a form of short term relief. But aid may be combined with free advice on addressing the root cause of the hardship.

Crisis awards are the result of something other than just being on a low income. In general, this means the family is struggling, but maybe some type of event (such as health emergency, domestic abuse or fire) has caused them to fall way behind on their monthly bills. In these cases, the crisis support scheme from Luton Council can offer the applicant some or all of the following.

  • The family may receive food or an article of clothing.
  • If their heat is to be shut off in the winter, a pre-paid meter could be topped off to pay the heating bills.
  • Imminent homelessness can be addressed from the council’s discretionary housing payment scheme.
  • Signposting may be given to workshops on budgeting, job training, grants from charities, or the council will ensure the family is maximizing their benefits and income. Locate additional grants for bills.

Community Care grants in Luton are for the vulnerable and low income, and this can help them continue to live in the town. This may be for seniors leaving a nursing home, or maybe a resident existing a hospital. The award will help them continue to be independent, and some of the following can be provided.

  • Furniture or bedding for their home or flat.
  • There may be items such as white goods, or appliances to heat their new home as part of the crisis support scheme.
  • This community care programme can also help people that are resettling in the community.

The priority for this type of award is for the vulnerable. This may be elderly people with limited mobility, the physically disabled, the ill or ex-offenders. There will not normally be help for people that should be able to live independently on their own. The council may also assist those so they can continue to live in their home vs. be placed into institutional care.

Any funds issued by the Luton Council crisis support scheme will be in the form of a grant. This means there will not be cash, but instead tokens, prepayment cards, food bank vouchers or the like will be provided to the applicant. For more information, call the council at 08004561673 on Monday through Friday.