London food banks

Families facing hunger in London have a few different programmes to turn to, ranging from free food banks to crisis payments from councils as well as assistance from charity organisations. There are centres in all of the boroughs. The eligibility criteria of each organisation will vary and most of the foodbanks also rely on donations, so resources are limited.

The councils across the city of London will focus on that borough only. At their discretion, they can arrange for either a parcel of food or maybe a voucher as part of their welfare schemes. These are emergency programmes that aim to help the low income in a crisis.

As far as food banks, they can either be independent or part of the Trussell Trust. These centres will collect donations from the community. Based on what is available, the items passed out to families in poverty may be tinned meats or fruits, breads, rice, pudding, and more. Some of the independent food banks also operate soup kitchens that may either have free or low cost meals.

In general, a food bank will give a box of groceries to people with a voucher or referral, which can come from a social worker. The parcel will normally have enough food to last a few days only, and then the person can reapply later. The locations in London are also only open limited hours as well.

Independent food banks in London

Ace of Clubs is located at St Alphonsus Road, London, SW4 7AS. It is open Monday to Friday, and serves low cost meals. The staff will also offer advice and can give out a voucher to food banks if they approve the family for this. The phone number is 020 7720 2811, or read more on Ace of Clubs programmes.

Acton Homeless Concern operates two centres that offer food, including the Emmaus House. Meals, clothing, and hygiene items are provided to the vulnerable, and a large number of clients are refugees or immigrants. Find help from Acton Homeless Concern.

Chelsea Methodist Church is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The homeless can stop by the centre on 155a King’s Road for meals, including at Christmas. Call 020 7352 9305.

Christ Church London has a foodbank cafe on site. This will provide a client with up to 10 free meals, however it does require a voucher to be used. The charity provides other social services for refugees, the vulnerable, and families in poverty. More on Christ Church social services.

Christian Community Church provides a service known as Feed the Hungry Heart. Most of the assistance is for residents local to Hounslow, but meals can be served to anyone from London. Clients can be given a box of food, volunteers serve seniors meals, and other aid is offered. Read Feed the Hungry Heart support services.

City Mission operates across all the boroughs of London. The charity will not only service a hot meal or pass out a free box of food, but they also place the homeless into shelter and the evicted into housing. Additional programmes range from Christmas meals to clothing and a bag of groceries from their main centre. Read London City Mission services.

Connection at St Martin’s – The location assists single people only. Food boxes and more is available, including for residents sleeping rough. Address is 12 Adelaide Street, London, WC2N 4HW, dial 020 7766 5544.

Deptford Reach can help those in poverty. Not only is there a food bank, but a clothing store sells low cost items. The items passed out may include groceries, tea, meals, non-perishable canned items, and more. Hot meals are also served to people in food poverty from the Reach Cafe. The address is Speedwell Street, or dial 020 8692 6548. For more details on services, find information on Deptford Reach programmes.

Dunloe Centre Drop in Centre has free food, hot meals, and tea. Volunteers that work at the centre will also provide free advice to clients to help solve the crisis they are facing. The location is St Saviours Priory, 18 Queensbridge Road, London, E2 8NS. Call 020 7739 9976 for hours. Residents of Hackney or Tower Hamlets can also learn more on the Dunloe Centre food programmes and their services.

Earls Court has multiple centres in London. A coffee / meal bar is open one day per week. It will provide everything from free food to a drink or snack. The team will also help feed women, provide referrals, and partner with churches on collecting groceries, clothing, and more from the community. Find the locations of ECCP Project services.

HAB of Barnet serves a free breakfast and other low cost meals. They also partner with charity food banks and churches in London to help the homeless and low income. Read HAB services.

Trent Vineyard runs the Vineyard Drop in Centre. This charity will provide services to the vulnerable in Islington, Nottingham, and other area. Free food as well as debt counseling or meals may be offered. Find support from Trent Vineyard.

Kings Cross Christian Centre offers advice for the homeless and jobless. Those who drop in are also given food in a crisis or household goods The location is Vernon Square in London. Telephone number is 020 7837 3976, or find more information on food and housing schemes from Kings Cross.

London Jesus Centre Food bank on 83 Margaret Street. Services from the church range from drinks to fruits, vegetables, and tinned items. Phone – 0845 8333 005.

Merton borough based Christian Care Association (CCA) – Small amounts of groceries can be passed out from the charity. They do not operate a food bank though. They also provide free meals at Christmas as well as assistance to single parents as well as children. Find how to access Christian Care Association services.

Salvation Army can pass out a free food parcel. Other programmes include Christmas meals as well as signposting to other London charities. Any support from the Salvation Army is a last resort. There are many centres in the city.

  • One centre is at 10 Princes Street, London, W1B 2LH, telephone 020 7629 5424.
  • 42 Wakefield Street, E6 1NQ, dial 020 8552 4575.
  • A centre is at 434 Forest Road, London, E17 4PY, telephone 020 8521 4980.
  • The location at 23-25 Brownhill Road has a food bank. Call 020 8461 2811.
  • There are dozens of centres that may offer food, meals, or other basic needs (such as the Christmas Appeal gift scheme) across London and the boroughs. Find additional support from the Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Siloam Community operates a cafe from Tuesday to Thursday. While the charity serves a free meal, the client to access other support services. This includes vouchers to a London food bank as well as job or housing programmes. Find a listing of the Siloam Community Services.

St Saviour’s Church – The Upper Room will help the lonely and marginalised, ranging from senior citizens to ex-offenders. Free food parcels and more is offered from the location on Cobbold Road, W12 9LN. Ring 020 8740 5688 to access everything from meals to toiletries from the food bank, or find more information on Upper Room services.

St Mark’s supports the Wandsworth borough and southern London. The church partners with almost 200 professionals to help feed the hungry. The centre provides at least three days of groceries, food, and other services for families on a low income. Learn how the St Mark’s food bank can help in a crisis.

St Paul’s Church Hall runs the North London Action for the Homeless service from their centre at Stoke Newington Road. Clothing, free food, and benefit advice is given from volunteers. Ring the church at 07891 703221 for information, or find more details on North London Action for the Homeless assistance programmes.

Thames Reach runs the Greenhouse centre in London. This is a location in which the families on a low income can drop in for a hot meal. Staff also provide advice and other support, such as vouchers to a food bank. Find how to get assistance from Thames Reach.

The Welcome Project – The not-for-profit provides practical support. This can include a bag of groceries as well as hot meal. There is also a shower on site for the vulnerable, and staff signpost clients to benefits. Post is 2 St Marys Road, Ilford, or call 020 8514 3283.

Union Chapel provides food, meals including at dinner and breakfast, and support from the Sunday Drop-In. Most of the support is for the marginalised in Islington. Find information on the Union Chapel food and low income services.

West London Day Centre is for the homeless. The charity is at 134-136 Seymour Place, phone – 020 7569 5900.

Emergency hunger prevention from boroughs

The government will offer assistance as part of their welfare schemes. This will only be for families in London that are facing a short term crisis. The type of assistance from each council will vary and funding is limited. Some may pass out a bag of groceries, or others will refer the resident to a food bank in the area. Each council will offer different type of help to stop hunger, and the support is at their discretion. There are no guarantees to receiving assistance.

Barnet – The crisis fund is run from PO Box 2016, Pershore, WR10 9BH, phone 020 8359 4242. Read more Barnet Crisi Fund.

Bexley – Food needs can be met by the council local welfare provision.

Brent – Local welfare assistance. Apply by calling 020 8937 5796. Any support for food will usually be in the form of a pre-paid debit card, and find details on crisis payment from Brent council.

Bromley – Welfare fund. Address is London Borough of Bromley, PO Box 352, Hartlepool, TS24 4FH. Find more details on the Bromley welfare fund scheme.

Camden residents can look into crisis awards, which can offer food to people in an emergency. The welfare scheme will focus on families that are receiving benefits, and read more Camden welfare grants.

City of London – Families in this central London borough can apply vouchers from a support scheme. The council partners with local organisations to provide basic needs and household support, and that can include a parcel of food, baby nappies, and more. Find how to apply for the Emergency Support Scheme in London and learn the types of assistance provided.

Ealing – Local welfare assistance. For applications to a grant, including information on food vouchers, dial (020) 8825 6237. The council will offer support to those in poverty. Learn how to apply for a grant in Ealing.

Enfield – Emergency support scheme. Citizens advice runs this. Call 020 8375 4170. They can also signpost to food banks and soup kitchens in London. For eligible low income families, a grant of up to £1,500 is available for food, groceries, or other needs. Find the phone number and information for the Enfield Emergency Support Scheme.

Greenwich borough provides the emergency support scheme. Phone 020 8921 2078. For families faced by a crisis, such as disaster or loss of job, the scheme can offer a parcel of food, groceries, and more. Find how the Greenwich Emergency and Community Scheme can help.

Hackney – Discretionary crisis support scheme. Address is 300 Mare Street, E8 1HE, telephone 020 8525 6350. The council can provide food and help to the vulnerable from this scheme. Read more.

Hammersmith and Fulham – Local support payments. Phone 020 7745 6464, or locate applications sites for food assistance from Hammersmith and Fulham.

Haringey – Support fund can offer a parcel of groceries, the the council’s discretion. Phone – 020 8454 7322. Or to learn how to get a voucher, find awards from Haringey Support Fund.

The Harrow borough emergency relief scheme can provide a voucher to pay for food. The local authorities will only provide this form of support if the family uses the Advice Portal first. There are a number of other food and bills covered from the Harrow Help Scheme for residents of the area.

Havering – Emergency assistance scheme is for residents in the borough. Read emergency help in Havering.

Hillingdon provides in-kind-support or grants that can be used at local food banks. The council welfare scheme can be applied to for those that are struggling to feed their families. Most of the food parcels are for people in a crisis only, and find help from Hillingdon local support.

Hounslow – Discretionary local crisis payments. The office that accepts applications is at Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN, or find more information on Hounslow payments.

Islington borough vouchers to food banks are from the resident support scheme. This government programme combines various forms of emergency support. Find how to apply for Islington Resident Support Scheme and get information on the types of assistance provided.

Kensington and Chelsea welfare payments can pay for food costs, groceries, and meals. The council provides this for the vulnerable, such as seniors and people in poverty. Read Kensington and Chelsea Local Support Payments.

Food in Kingston upon Thames can be provided from the crisis fund. The council offers this scheme mostly for people on benefits as well as families in poverty. There are vouchers for local food banks and other support services offered, and more on Kingston upon Thames crisis assistance.

Lambeth – Emergency support scheme. The customer support centre is at 0345 302 2312. Vouchers can be issued by the council so residents can acquire a parcel from a foodbank in London. Or the authorities that oversee the Lambeth Emergency Support Scheme can offer additional assistance.

Lewisham – The local support scheme is the welfare solution for the borough. This can help residents acquire food and other basic needs. Read welfare in Lewisham borough.

Newham – Community and crisis support. Dial 0203 373 1180 for applications. This council will issue loans for client needs, and the vouchers can be used to buy groceries or people stop in at a food bank in the borough. More on Newham crisis support.

MoneyWorks is another programme for Newham residents. Families on a low income or even with poor credit ratings can apply for a low interest rate loan from the council, and the money can be used to buy food for children, pay for basic needs, and cover other bills. LEarn how to apply for low interest rate loans in Newham, which can be used for food costs.

Redbridge – Emergency support scheme. Barking, IG11 1GS. For information on any food programmes, ring 020 8591 9705, or find emergency support in Redbridge.

Richmond upon Thames runs the Local assistance scheme. This welfare programme provides grants or in some cases a parcel of food. Find information on local welfare in Richmond.

Southwark – Low income families can look into the emergency support scheme. The council can be reached at 020 7525 0200, or find the types of food and other services available. Read Southwark borough Emergency Support Scheme.

St. Cuthberts provides assistance to the Earls County area of London and surrounding borroughs. They provide practical support (such as free winter coats) along with hot meals and food. They also offer additional support for the disabled in the city. Find food and meals from St. Cuthberts.

Families on a low income in the Sutton borough may be given a voucher to buy food from the welfare scheme. This assistance programme is just one of the grant type benefits available to help people that are in an emergency situation. They services help tackle hunger poverty and assist with other bills. Find Sutton borough grant schemes.

Waltham Forest – Social fund scheme. The post is PO Box 856, London, E17 9PN, telephone 020 8496 3000. Read more.

Wandsworth discretionary social fund. The council will offer this in an emergency, and learn more on Wandsworth discretionary social fund.

Westminster – Local support payments. For questions, ring 020 7745 6464. The council will provide gift cards for buying parcels of food, groceries, and more from the welfare scheme, but any assistance is a last resort. Learn how Westminster Local Support Payments can help.

Churches and charity food banks in London

The locations below are part of the Trussell Trust network. They operate across all boroughs as well as the UK, and the not-for-profit is one of the leading agencies to turn to for help. For individuals on a low income that have a voucher, a parcel of food is passed out. It will contain up to 3 days of groceries. The hours and days of operation of these foodbanks is limited.

Volunteers at the centres offer other support as well. They can signpost the client to other programmes for their needs, all with the goal of overcoming poverty. However, the focus of the Trussell Trust locations is to provide food in a crisis to end hunger.

  • All Nations Baptist Church, The Bonneville Centre, 12 Poynders Road, Clapham Park, SW4 8NY, ring 0208 675 7661.
  • Avery Hill Christian Fellowship runs the Bexley food bank from Southspring, Sidcup, DA15 8EA, phone 07932431350.
  • Borehamwood food bank is operated from volunteers at St Teresa’s Church 291 Shenley Rd, Borehamwood, Herts, WD6 1TG, ring 02035831109.
  • Chalk Farm foodbank – Revelation Church Berkley Road, 9 Eglon Mews, London, NW1 8YS, telephone 0207 483 3763.
  • Chipping Barnet residents can contact the Salvation Army. Meals as well as emergency food parcels are offered from Albert Road. Phone – 07716 890 535.
  • Christian Centre located in the Vauxhall borough. The post is 105 Tyers Street, and phone number is 07586 258991.
  • Communion Centre, Circular 13 Industrial Estate, Gascoigne Road, Barking, IG11 7LT. For hours of when food is provided or for details on distribution, ring 07507 648948.
  • Croydon foodbank is at 46 Pilton Estate Pitlake. The phone number is 020 8686 5664.
  • Ealing foodbank is at Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship, 216 High Street Acton, W3 9NX. For hours of when groceries are distributed, call 07769 759756.
  • Greenwich foodbank is at 20 Orangery Lane. Phone – 07771 830549.
  • Hammersmith and Fulham centre is at 67 Studridge Street. Call 02077313693.
  • Haringey Play Association operates the local food bank. The site is at Somerford Grove Community Project Park Lane Close, Tottenham, N17 0HL, call 07460519019.
  • Hillingdon, 4 New Windsor Street, Uxbridge, UB82TU, telephone – 01895 252 224.
  • Islington foodbank is at York House, 207, dial 07956 334 299.
  • King’s Centre covers the Redbridge area. Address is 14 Granville Road, Ilford IG1 4JY. Phone – 07905 820 537.
  • Kingston United Reformed Church, Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1HZ, phone – 020 8391 1100.
  • Malham Christian Centre, Malham Road, Forest Hill, SE23 1AN, telephone 07938071854.
  • Newham foodbank – The church that runs this is St Marks Centre, 218 Tollgate Road, Beckton, London, E6 5YA, telephone 020 7474 3060.
  • New Covenant Church is a Trussell Trust network site. The post is 65 Church Street, Lower Edmonton, London, N9 9PY, phone 0203 417 3710.
  • North Enfield foodbank is at 196 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield EN1 1UQ, phone – 020 8804 0990.
  • Novo Centre – Parcels of food are provided to Colindale residents from The Concourse, Graham Park Colindale. Phone – 020 83584672.
  • RCCG City Church runs the food bank for the borough of Camden. Address is 14 Pratt Mews, London, NW1 0AD, telephone 07984 796902.
  • St Luke’s Church support Kensington and Chelsea. Location is Redcliffe Gardens, and the telephone number is 020 7370 0338.
  • Southwark foodbank – 121a Peckham High Street, Peckham SE15 5SE, ring 020 7732 0007.
  • St James’ Church operates the Broxbourne food centre. Address is Goffs Oak, Waltham Cross, EN7 6TP, phone 07943 986261.
  • St Luke’s Church Knights, Hill West Norwood, London, SE27 0HS, telephone – 07722121108.
  • St Marys Church operates the Brent are food bank. The Trussell trust site is at Neasden Lane, Willesden, London, NW10 2TS, dial 07765473083.
  • St Stephene’s of Islington provides meals and advice on benefits. Learn what the Manna service from the church does to help the vulnerable.
  • Sutton Salvation Army Church, Benhill Avenue, Sutton, SM1 4DD, phone – 07525 838 640.
  • The Ascension Church Hall is located at Collier Row Road, Collier Row, Romford, RM5 2BA, dial 01708 745626.
  • The Vineyard Community Centre – Meals, food, and more are offered from the charity centre. The Vineyard in Richmond is the place to drop in at. Call 0208 9400274.
  • Tower Hamlets borough residents can drop in at First Love Foundation Office 7, Old Poplar Library, 45 Gillender Street. A parcel is given to residents with a voucher. For hours, ring 02030 699 877.
  • Waterloo Foodbank, 1 Kennington Road, London, SE1 7QP, call 020 7921 4205.
  • Wandsworth residents are served by St Mark’s Church, Battersea Rise, London SW11 1EJ, call 020 7326 9428.
  • Watford foodbank is at The Empire Centre Imperial Way,Watford, WD24 4YH, phone 01923 804435.
  • Westminster Chapel operates a food bank from Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6BS. Call 020 7834 1731.
  • Wimbledon – Families on a low income can stop in at 59 High Path, Wimbledon, SW19 2JY. Phone -020 8544 0126.