Liverpool food banks

Across the Liverpool and the greater Merseyside area, a number of food banks are available for individuals on a low income or families facing poverty. There are centres operated by churches, not-for profit organisations as well as other agencies. An increasing number of families from Liverpool have been turning to these local foodbanks for help.

In order to use one of these locations, an individual will need to have a referral as well as a voucher. They can be provided by a number of different professionals across Liverpool, including social workers, the Citizens Advice Bureau, police, or even a nurse or doctor. The voucher will need to be brought to the food bank in order to receive any type of assistance.

The charities, such as churches, rely on donations from businesses and people in the community. So if you can contribute to one of the centres, please do so. Or volunteers at the centres can always be used to help distribute the goods to the needy.

Clients of a food bank in Liverpool can normally expect to get a few days’ worth of non-perishable goods There may be tinned meats or canned soup. Not only that, but other services are usually available as well, such as sing posting and referrals to financial aid and support.

Emergency food and meals from churches and charities in Liverpool

ALM provides help to migrants and refugees across all of Merseyside. They will offer clients a free hot meal that takes into account the client’s faith or culture. Other services include a food bank, practical support such as clothing, information on applying for housing benefits, and there is other help for immigrants as well. Find more details on the ALM programmes for mrefugees.

South Liverpool families can stop by Bridge Chapel Centre. There may be food parcels of up to 3 days’ worth of items. Free meals, tea, and advice is also provided from volunteers at the Centre. Address Heath Road, Liverpool L19 4XR, telephone 07760 718640.

Christ the King Food bank is one center for the northern Liverpool area. The address is Cathedral House, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TQ. They also work with Anglican Cathedral and other faith based groups to feed those facing poverty. This location may have free baby formula, Pasta sauces, Cereals, tinned pudding, sugar, and more. The phone number for information is 0151 709 9222.

County Road Methodist Church can provide meals and food on Tuesdays. They can be turned to in an emergency for free food and referrals. The centre may also have clothing. The address is Harlech Street Entrance, Walton, L4 3QA.

Good Shepherd Church only is open on Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30. The foodbank has non-perishable items such as tinned tomatoes rice/pasta, and even fruit juice. For people on a low income with a voucher, they can stop by the food distribution location at Lower House Lane, L11 2SF, 62 & 14.

The Basement is a charity for the homeless in Liverpool. They offer many services, ranging from shelter to a free hot meal or food items. Volunteers will partner with clients to prevent hunger, and offer vouchers to soup kitchens and food banks. Read more on the Basement.

Wirral is a local charity that offers a number of services to the vulnerable. They provide food, information on housing, and even schemes for paying rent or a deposit. Canned goods and perishable items are passed out too. For information, call them at 0151 638 7090. Or the address is Unit 14, Wirral Business Centre, Dock Road, Birkenhead CH41 1JW. People with vouchers can stop by.

Government and council affiliated food banks

The centres below often partner with district councils to coordinate assistance in the city. They will have a food parcel and also can provide other help, such as signposting or referrals.

All Saints Stoneycroft provides help on Thursdays only. Volunteers use donations from the Merseyside community to provide parcels. Clients can include the elderly, people with a physical disability, and others on a low income. Be sure to get a referral or a voucher before calling on the centre. Broadgreen Rd, L13 4BW, 68 to Broadgreen Road.

Central Liverpool has a location for families in Merseyside and the city. The locations is Frontline Trust, PO Box 38, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 0FH. The location may have both fresh and non-perishable items. For information, the centre can be reached at 0151 5221391.

Knowsley district residents can apply for emergency assistance for free food. The local welfare scheme can provide a parcel of groceries that can last from anywhere from three to seven days. Signposting is also provided to other Merseyside agencies for longer term support to keep the person out of hunger. More on the Emergency Support Scheme in Knowsley.

Maghull & District foodbank is located at St Andrew’s Parish Office, 22 Damfield Lane, Maghull, L31 3DD. Call 07914 636 246.

The North Liverpool foodbank is also part of Trussel Trust. The charity can be reached at 0151 226 3406. For people with a referral, they can receive free food for up to 3 days worth of meals. The centre is at St Andrew’s Community Network, Roscoe Primary School, Ballantyne Road, Liverpool.

The Salvation Army in Walton may have non-perishable items on Mondays. They are located at Cavendish Drive, Walton, L9 1HQ, 68, 311 & 20 to Rice Lane. Other items include signposting from volunteers, Christmas meals, and referrals.

Knowsley is covered by St Mark’s Community & Enterprise Centre. The address is Deycroft Avenue, Kirkby, L32 9WX. For information on the hours or a referral, call 07731 789794.

Saint Leonard’s Youth and Community Centre operates a food bank for those facing poverty and that have a voucher. The location is 60 Peel Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 4RW. Call 0151 9331300 for hours.

Sefton borough residents can try the council welfare scheme for a voucher to a food bank. The programmes, which is known as ELAS, covers basic needs. Not only may a family in poverty be given clothes, but there are free food parcels, items for babies such as nappies, and groceries for children too. Find the phone number of the Sefton Assistance Scheme.

Citizens Support Scheme is a welfare type programme funded by the government. Food can be provided from the Urgent Needs Award, and what will happen is a voucher will be given to the family that is facing a crisis and that needs help. It can be used to pay for groceries at a supermarket and other locations in the city of Liverpool, and many families receive food from the Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme.

Crosby is served by Waterloo Town Hall. The demand on the food bank is this district has been increasing. Many people have had their benefits cut, and now are using the food bank. There may be canned goods, fruits, and more. The address is Great Georges Road, Liverpool, L22 1RB, telephone 07580 156311.

LWA Welfare in Wirral can award a family in a crisis with a food voucher. This council run scheme offers emergency help using the national welfare programme. Residents can be awarded financial aid, groceries, and other support. Learn more on grants from LWA in Wirral.