Lincolnshire help with rent and deposit from schemes

Councils as well as charities across Lincolnshire County provide assistance for rent deposits. There are several schemes in place for individuals looking to start a new tenancy agreement, and the agencies can help the homeless or people looking to settle into new private accommodations.

The councils will not only help with the deposit, but they also provide ongoing support and advice. This is done is order to ensure the tenant sustains the agreement, as the council’s also partner with non-profit profits and other organisations to prevent homelessness in the future. Councils such as the one on South Kesteven District provide this type of free service, in addition to the rent deposit schemes, as part of their free housing advice programmes.

The main schemes to call in Lincolnshire that can help with rent in advance or a security deposit are below. Most of the housing assistance is only for people that are local to the district, and some of the schemes will prioirtise young people, the disabled, or those considered to be in priority need according to the government.

Council schemes for people with local connections

Boston Borough Council offers financial help to residents that fall under the central government homelessness definition, and all applicants need to be receiving benefits or be on a low income. The programme is also focused on those that have lived in the borough for 12 months.

The rent deposit scheme will help individuals enter into a tenancy agreement in the private sector. After an assessment and interview is complete, it will pay the rent in advance due from the landlord, and in some cases a loan is provided by the council. The address is West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8QR, telephone 01205 314200. There are other housing solutions in Bolton, and find more information on rent deposit schemes in Bolton.

Lincolnshire County Council and the Community Assistance Scheme (LCAS) may be able to help with housing matters. For people threatened by homelessness or that are moving from care, some limited funds may be available for a deposit. Or the council team can refer prospective tenants to other deposit or rent in advance schemes as part of LCAS. Read Lincolnshire Community Assistance Scheme.

Peterborough City Council – The government agency will provide an interest free loan to pay a rent deposit on a council approved private accommodation. Applicants need to go through an interview with a Housing Options Officer, can’t be in rent arrears, and need to be homeless or threatened by it. The loan from Peterborough Council is only for a new home in the Lincolnshire County area. Call 01733 425300.

South Kesteven District will help individuals on a low income with a local connection. The Tenancy Deposit Scheme can assist with either a rent in advance for a new flat or home, or there may be funds for the deposit too. The Housing Options Team will also provide free advice, referrals to charity programmes, help find a PRS property, and other support to help sustain the tenancy. In some cases, loans are issued by the housing authorities to residents. The Post is Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6PZ. Dial 01476 406080, or find additional deposit help South Kesteven.

The South Holland District rent in advance bond scheme is run in partnership with local landlords. The applicant needs to also be working towards employment and attend budgeting workshops with the district housing advice team.

The landlord needs to agree to the scheme and the bond process, and if so, the council will pay a portion of the rent deposit in the form of a cash loan. Other ongoing tenancy support is provided as well as fast tracking for housing benefits. Referrals are needed when applying for deposit help or a low interest loan. The council office is at Priory Road, Spalding, and telephone number is 01775 761161. Or find more details on the South Holland District deposit scheme.

West Lindsey District Council mostly provided housing advice. This will include help in applying for deposit schemes and other support. Assistance is for the homeless, people under 25, the disabled, and those with a mental health issue.

The council will help both people in the West Lindsey District as well as landlords. There may be applications for deposit schemes as well as other housing advice, including help in applying for benefits, legal assistance, and workshops on maximising income and more. Landlords benefit by having a tenant that has ongoing support from the council. Find more information on deposit guarantees in West Lindsey, or the main office is at Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, and telephone number is 01427 675190.

Help from Lincolnshire charity organisations

CARE Rent Deposit Scheme is supported by dozens of landlords across Lincolnshire and the community.  The churches that are part of the organisation provide up to £500 to guaranteeing a deposit. Not only is the financial aid provided for the deposit, but housing specialists from CARE offer other support, such as ongoing advice to the tenant. Many churches are part of the charity, and find details on Christian Action Resource Enterprise services.

Centrepoint Outreach is for the homeless in Lincolnshire County. The charity will provide clients with free advice as well as signposting to local schemes and government benefits. The homeless can be placed into temporary housing accommodations, and also get clothing as well as food parcels from a key worker during their stay. The drop in centre is at Belmont House, 15 Red Lion Street, Boston in Lincolnshire, and can be called at 01205 360900, or find more details on housing assistance from Centerpoint Outreach.

Ex-offenders can benefit from the Lincolnshire Action Trust. The not-for-profit, which can be called at 1522 806611, may assist with a rent deposit payment for a new home, and also provide them with employment and educational support. Applicants need to have been in HMP Lincoln and be currently homeless or sleeping rough.

Louth and District is a charity that runs a schemes called Help the Homeless. The organisation will provide a bond that will guarantee the deposit on a rent deposit, provide furniture, and even other assistance such as food welcome packs or white goods.

Priority is for the homeless and vulnerable, and this will include older individuals, substance misusers, families with children. A bond guarantee will be issued to the private sector landlord for the move in deposit that is due. The office is at 6 Upgate, Louth, LN11 9ET. Call 07717 854889, but note that a referral is needed from local CAB. To learn how the charity can help, read more Louth and District Help for Homeless.

While most of the assistance is for young people in Lincolnshire, others can also get assistance from Stamford Housing Trust, or SHYP TRUST. Individuals can get loans to help with security deposits or a rent in advance payment, however the schemes is only for Stamford area residents. The money will need to be repaid to the charity using a payment plan.

Grants may also be issued in some cases. This will normally cover other expenses, such as letting fees, while the deposit is paid for by the loan. The charity is part of Christ Church, which is at Green Lane, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2SF. Call 01780 754827 for more information, or more on schemes from Stamford Housing Trust.