Leicestershire Welfare Provision emergency grants

The discretionary Welfare Provision in Leicestershire County assists with three main types of expenses. They are planned needs, which can include for housing. Another use of a grant can be for a crisis, and council funds can help with fuel bills or food. The last part of the LWP scheme is to offer long range support around employment or debts that the family has.

Any type of assistance provided from the council is limited. Residents are not entitled to any support, and while they can appeal a decision from the council, at the end of the day people are not guaranteed any assistance and should not depend on support from the Leicestershire Welfare Provision.

Even if someone does not qualify, the council has partners that they work with on helping the vulnerable. So the team at the county council can always signpost a person to these other groups, and this can include local district council for housing needs or maybe a Trussell Trust foodbank for a parcel of groceries. More information on each parts of LWP are below.

Exceptional pressure

People that are facing a crisis and that have an unplanned for bill can turn to welfare for support. A grant can be provided to pay for a certain expense that has been approved by the council. The funds offered will be very limited, but it may provide the family time to address the crisis.

As part of this, the Leicestershire Council can offer a voucher to be used at a local food bank or they may provide a parcel themselves. Some vulnerable people, such as the disabled or seniors, can receive help during the winter for paying an energy bill, and this is done using a pre-paid card. Anyone from the county that has an urgent need for essential heating, food, travel, or household equipment can apply.

Long term support from Leicestershire Welfare Provision

The aim of this is to break the cycle of poverty in Leicestershire. In most cases, as part of this, the council will refer a client to one of their partners, such as Citizens Advice. The council also has a close relationship with the local credit unions, such as Clockwise Credit Union at 1 Saint Nicholas Place, Leicester, LE1 5LB (phone 0116 242 3900). These groups will assist the family with any arrears on debts or job training they need.

In some cases, the family may be better served by applying for benefits. In these instances, the Jobcentre Plus centre is Leicestershire should be used. But the council can refer residents to those and maybe even fast-track an application for government benefits.

Planned needs and bills

This is objective number one of the scheme. The Welfare Provision will put this type of applicant as priority number one. Much of this aid from LWP is around housing, whether assistance someone moving from an institution of helping a formerly homeless person resettle.

The Leicestershire council can provide help for a deposit for the new home from LWP. In some cases a bond will be issued and the council will require the tenant to save money to take it over. Other uses of the funds from the welfare scheme may be to provide furniture for the new home, white goods, bedding, cooking supplies, and other household items. All of these forms of assistance will hopefully allow the tenant to remain living in their home over the long term.

Another service offered will be done in partnership with local charities or furniture reuse organisations. The Leicestershire Welfare Provision may help arrange for items from these stores to be delivered to the new home for the client. Or they can direct a client to where to go to buy goods at affordable rates.

The main phone number at the council is 0116 232 3232. The Leicestershire County customer service can refer the resident to application sites for LWP.