Information on Leeds-Bradford rental and deposit schemes

Low income families in Leeds- Bradford can get help from various rent and security deposit schemes. Several organisations and social workers try to provide access to affordable, private housing. They are involved in matching tenants to properties, assisting with applications for grants and housing benefits, and offer rent and other schemes as needed.

Many of the people assisted in West Yorkshire County have a history of homelessness. There are also programmes to help those that are facing eviction or on the verge of homelessness. Funds are used for rent or paying the deposit on a new, affordable property or housing unit.

The leading charities and organisations in Leeds and Bradford are below. Call them for advice. Some centres may even offer bond guarantees, furniture, and other practical support for tenants, including government grants and property inspections. This will be in addition to any schemes for rent and other services.

Find help from council services

Bradford Council – They mainly provide advice and other forms of assistance to access private housing. Social workers partner with landlords across West Yorkshire to help create a healthy private rented sector for low income families, the disabled, and elderly.

The Private Renting Access Scheme from the council will help people apply for housing benefits or deposits, and also match tenants to affordable available properties. Address is City Hall, Centenary Square, Bradford BD1 1HY, Phone: 01274 436638.

Kirklees Council provides Housing Solutions. The goal is to prevent homelessness, especially for those in priority need and families on a low income. They follow all legislation in the UK in order to do this.

Some of the other services in the Leeds-Bradford area include applications to housing benefits, a variety of both security deposit and rent schemes, and help in both finding and inspecting properties. They work within the local authority area. Civic Centre 3, Market Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2EY, telephone 01484 221369. Or find additional rent deposit bond guarantees in Kirklees.

Leeds City Council provides eligible people the Strategic Housing Business Team. Call them for information on their schemes that may be for paying rental costs. They also have information on bond guarantees for landlords. Selectpost 12, 5th Floor West, Merrion House. Or contact 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8BB. Phone is 0113 247 6412.

Another benefit in Leeds is from the local welfare scheme. Any funds for the payment of a deposit are issued at the discretion of the council, and there are only limited situations in which they will assist with a rent deposit. In general, this scheme is for basic needs for people on a low income and that are a facing a crisis, but this may include help for resettling or costs on a new home. Find more information on welfare scheme and support in Leeds.

Help with deposits in Leeds and Bradford from not-for-profit charities

The homeless in the Calderdale area also have access to schemes and Move On services. The aid is provided by a charity known as Calderdale Smartmove. Specialists from the agency will conduct an assessment of the individual needs and then provide them with housing, access to a Bond Guarantee scheme for paying their rent deposit, and other tenancy support. They can also help resettle people into affordable accommodations in the greater West Yorkshire area. Find more details on Calderdale Smartmove housing services.

CRI of Leeds – Also known as the Crime Reduction Initiative, the city is involved in working with organisations such as the Bridewell custody suite, HMP New Hall or Leeds Integrated Offender Management. These and other charities help families and individuals impacted by social issues. They focus on people that were homeless, are affected by drugs or alcohol, domestic abuse, or other issues. Some services are also offered in Wales.

Services will include an assessment and interview to determine the needs of the applicant. Based on the results, there will be assistance such as Bond Guarantees, applications for tenant rent schemes, and other benefit maximization services provided to the client.

Social workers also partner with tenants and landlords on property inspection, offering welcome packs for the new housing, and can coordinate with the tenant the direct payment of their housing benefit. Other ongoing rent support is offered too. 2nd Floor Duncan House, 14 Duncan Street, Leeds, LS1 6DQ, call 0113 380 4640.

Keyhouse provides schemes and help for people to access private housing. This is for people threatened with homelessness, those that may not even be in priority need and others. Another aim is to assist individuals with mental health problems or disabilities, as well as the currently homeless. There is also assistance for those with rent arrears due to their landlord. They operate from two offices, in Bradford and Keighley. Keyhouse manages one to three bedroom properties for landlords. Address: 130 North Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3AD. The number for this agency is 01535 211311.

Also serving Kirklees area residents is Fusion Housing. Their Housing Advice Team can help those facing homelessness find new housing. Tenants who are faced with arrears can get legal assistance with their existing tenancy plus help with identifying and moving into a permanent rental home that they can afford. Multiple satellite locations have been consolidated into two local offices. Clients may call 01484 425522 for the Huddersfield centre which features the Bond Bank or 01924 454770 in Dewsbury.

RIC Project (Resettlement into the Community) – The not-for-profit offers programmes and rent schemes. They are focused on the homeless, those facing eviction, and ex-offenders. Other solutions are for adults over the age of 18 and people with a local connection to West Yorkshire. Those with debts due or a rent arrears to a landlord are also eligible, if they meet low income limits.

Social workers from the not-for profit help with applying for budgeting loans or community grants. They will develop a support plan with the client, and offer referrals to other charities in Leeds or the Bradford area. They also offer free legal rights, applications for both deposit and rental schemes, and more. They can also fast track housing benefit claims. Self-referrals can be made from the Huddersfield or Dewsbury office. Address: SHAP Ltd. 2nd Floor, Lakeside Building, Prescot Rd, St Helen, Merseyside , WA10 3TT. The telephone number for RIC is 01744 454056.

St. Annes partners with agencies such as the Primary Care Trust to help the homeless and resettle individuals. As part of this process, the client may find short term accommodations in a hostel located in West Yorkshire. Other housing services include ongoing tenant support, applications for grants for paying a deposit or similar expense, and other assistance. Read St. Annes housing services.

Churches and christian charities partner with St George’s Crypt to provide housing solutions across Leeds and West Yorkshire. They provide a number of services ranging from floating support to the Hub shelter programme, which also serves free meals. Clients of the charity can receive help in applying for rent deposit schemes that are both offered by the churches or other local organisations, and find details on schemes and housing from St George’s Crypt.

Temporary housing is available in Leeds from several organisations. There are charities that will both offer shelter to the vulnerable or homeless and help them locate permanent accommodations. Find a listing on emergency housing in Leeds.

The Bond Scheme from Incommunities Open Moves. This operates as a rent and/or deposit guarantee. Assistance is for people threatened with eviction or homelessness. Other help is for those with disability or elderly. Many people may receive priority help as part of Open Moves, such as those in arrears on the rent to their landlord.

Everyone that applies for assistance from Open Moves needs to have a local connection to West Yorkshire County or Bradford. They also work with various Outreach Workers, Via Housing Advices Service, and other charity agencies. 6-14 Devonshire, Keighley, BD21 2DG. The phone number of the not-for-profit is 0845 141 6666, or learn more on Open Moves bond scheme.

Wakefield – The rent deposit or guarantee scheme is only for people in Wakefield. They also need to be low income or receipt of a government benefit. Applicants also need to be capable of independent living if they receive any type of support for their rental payments. Other assistance may include cash loans, bond guarantees for the move in costs, legal support, funds for paying rent in advance, and cash deposits. Also get help in finding and inspecting properties. The post is 3rd Floor, Queens House, Queens Row, Market Street, WF1 1DF. Call 01924 304575 for more information, or learn more about the Rent Deposit Scheme in Wakefield for families on a low income.