Knowsley assistance from Emergency Support Scheme

Whether it is food or energy bill assistance, the emergency support scheme in Knowsley can help provide the helpĀ that a resident on a low income needs. Only a minimal amount of support is provided though as the local welfare scheme is limited in funding. In almost all instances, the council will provide financial aid that will pay for up to 3 days worth of bills or other needs that the family has.

The aim of the programme is to assist those people that are both on a low income and that are under exceptional financial pressure. Maybe a job redundancy has prevented the person from being able to buy food, or a health crisis led to a wage earner not able to earn money to pay their bills for that week. In these cases and others the Knowsley scheme may be able to help.

The emergency support provided will be only for a short period of time. It can provide the family time to deal with the crisis. The council will provide enough financial assistance to last for 3 days. Exceptions can be made in other cases, but this will be at the discretion of the authorities.

How this will work is if the household is out of food, then an emergency parcel will be given with up to 3 days worth of groceries. It may contain fruits, tinned meats, milk, and the like. The scheme can also help a vulnerable person, such as a senior, keep the heat on for up to 3 days. Or there may be money for rent arrears, medicines, and other bills as part of the Knowsley Emergency Support Scheme. No matter the need, only a few days worth of expenses can be paid.

At the same time, the council will signpost the family to long term support. That may be done by using a voucher to a local food bank. Or the customer service team at the Knowsley council will refer the person to job programmes or offer them free debt advice in partnership with Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). So many services are given to the person that is seeking support.

The Knowsley Emergency Support Scheme will also help with some housing needs. This may be furniture, such as bedding, for people moving into the community. Maybe they are fleeing from domestic violence or under the threat of institutional care. In these cases the council will offer assistance for their household.

Priority for any aid or support from welfare is given to residents that are on benefits or that are applying. It can be any type, including Universal credit, JSA (IB), Housing, Council Tax Reduction, or Income support. Even if the person is in the process of an application for benefits, they to will be given priority for any aid from the Emergency Support Scheme.

Also, any assistance is provided at the discretion of the Knowsley Council, and as a last resort. The person seeking support needs to have no other resources available to them. Whether it is a charity, friends, or family, they can’t have access to any other funds. The resident also needs to have sought help from the Department for Work and Pensions as well as budgeting loans first. Only after all of this has been done will the council consider them for up to 3 days of emergency assistance.

To get more information, or to apply for assistance from this welfare scheme, ring the free phone at 0800 408 2014 or the customer service team can be contacted at 0151 443 3200. The hours are from 9.30 to 4.30pm. The council does recommend people get a referral from their social worker though. As part of this process, the customer service team will have an assessment done of the applicant. They will need to know why someone is applying, information on their income, and other information.