Kingston upon Hull assistance from crisis loans

All of the financial assistance from the Kingston upon Hull council is provided in the form of a low interest loan. The funds are issued as part of welfare and are for short term, emergency bills. The local authorities will also offer confidential and free advice to residents as a long term solution.

The Community Crisis Loans, or CCL, do need to be repaid over time, but the payment schedule will be affordable. Depending on an assessment done by the council, some people may need to repay only £5 per week. However the terms will change per person based on the interview and review of financial statements.

All of the financial aid is for those under exceptional pressure or facing some type of disaster, such as a fire. The loans are also intended to help pay for bills over the short term. So it is a form of emergency aid. This is why the council will combine that form of assistance with free advice as well.

When applying for CCL, the family needs to be local to Hull and over the age of 16. This is only one time support, so families can only apply once per year. Also, the individual needs to be out of all other resources. A priority for the council will also be on the vulnerable, such as older people or the disabled.

The Kingston upon Hull council will assess each application based on merit. If a loan is issued, then the funds will be send to the applicant in an automated fashion. The money may be sent to a building society, bank, credit union or other account. In some cases the PayPoint system is used to transmit the money to the family. Then the resident will need to access the funds from there.

The aim is to help pay for a portion of a daily living expenses. The loans will be used for basic needs, such as food or clothing. Even if the council does not have funds for those expenses, then they may help in other ways from the welfare scheme by issuing vouchers to a food bank.

When it comes to housing expenses, Community Crisis Loans can be used to pay for accommodations. The homeless with an income can use the council funds for a portion of a damage deposit. Or the funds can repay an emergency credit on an electric or gas meter. This will help the family keep their heat on during the winter.

A repayment schedule will need to be agreed to. The Kingston upon Hull council will also send the borrower a weekly involve based on that amount. As noted, the loan may be repaid at £5, but even this amount is negotiable.

Other assistance is provided by the Kingston upon Hull council. This can either be done with the loan, or separately using a voucher type system. But in almost all cases the free advice centre is one of their key services.

The Wilson Centre customer service centre will provide the family with support. The advice is for a number of issues. Whether someone needs help in finding a job or have a question on filing for benefits or legal issue, advice may be arranged in Hull. To make an appointment for this service, ring 1482 300 303.

The homeless can also get support. In many cases a loan from CCL may not be issued to them as they may not have an income to repay the money. So instead the council will help place the person into an emergency shelter or hostel in the district. This will help keep the person safe.

To apply for a Community Crisis Loan, call the Customer Service Centre at 01482 300 303. Or someone can ask a Trusted Referrer so that they can signpost them to this programme in Hull.