Help with rent deposits from Canterbury City Council scheme

Partnering with landlords in the private sector, the Canterbury City Council will provide those who let a home a guarantee on the rent deposit that needs to be paid by a prospective tenant. There is assistance for people that are local to the city and that are on a low income. The council Housing Benefit Department oversees the scheme, and the reason for it is they try to prevent homelessness in the city.

There are several eligibility conditions in place, and they include the applicants needs to either be currently homeless, or they are threatened by it. The applicant also needs to be vulnerable, such as having a mental health issue or maybe a women that is pregnant. The housing department at the Canterbury City Council will assess each application, and the guarantee of any deposit is made at their discretion.

Limitations to the Canterbury deposit scheme

The funds from the council scheme will only be for a deposit, on not on any other housing payments. Tenants that need additional support have other organisations that they can drop in at, and they include the Canterbury Housing Advice Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau. Or they may want to explore the housing benefit as well. These locations or programmes can provide them advice with any other challenges they are facing, and the council staff can signpost a resident to those organisations if needed.

Anyone that is awarded assistance from the council, in order to proceed, the landlord needs to agree to the guarantee, however the specialists from the council have information on those that have partnered with the council in the past. They can help people find a private rented sector property, and assist with the review of a tenancy agreement. The home selected in Canterbury or the County of Kent needs to be affordable.

The Canterbury City Council will have conditions on the property, and they need to approve the monthly rent, size of the flat, and deposit amount. They also need to review the start date of the tenancy agreement and the tenant needs to agree to other details of the scheme with the council.

Private sector landlords often agree to the deposit scheme as it can cover any future arrears on the rent or damage to the home as well. Also, the person renting the home may also be provided with other support from the council on budgeting and maintain the home, so landlords also appreciate that.

Any person who wants to learn more, or apply for the rent deposit scheme, needs to drop in at the council office on Military Road, Canterbury, CT1 1YW. The housing team will conduct an assessment that includes an interview. Currently homeless people will have an appointment made soon, often on the same day, while others may be scheduled to come back in a day or two. The applicant should have proof of their income, connection to the city, and other personal data. The office hours are from Monday to Friday, and they close at 4.30pm.