Help paying rent deposit in Dartford

When a resident’s funds are low, the Dartford borough bond scheme can help a family or individual pay a rent or damage deposit on a new home or flat. The assistance is for private rented sector only; it is not for council housing or any other government accommodations. For those families or individuals that qualify, up to one month of rent may be paid.

Deposit guarantees from the Dartford bond

This form of assistance is for anyone who is seeking to rent a private property and that needs some form of financial help. The applicant can’t have the cash or savings available to them, and they need to have sought financial aid from friends, family, and local charities first. The Dartford bond scheme is a last resort.

The bond guarantee can help the following applicants, and everyone needs to have a local connection. It includes people without past evictions or rent arrears. The Dartford bond scheme can also help the homeless, families on a low income or benefits (including welfare and Universal Credit), as well as the unemployed. Rent deposit help is also for pensioners on a low income or someone with a mental or physical disability.

Types of homes the scheme will pay for

The council created the rent deposit guarantee scheme for private sector housing only. This means the applicant will need to find their own place to live, and the council will need to approve it. The bond is not for council housing or those that are in an association. They will need to look into assistance from other assistance programmes, including charities or local housing allowances (LHA).

The applicant to the bond guarantee will need to find their own private property to rent. It needs to be safe and affordable with utility certificates. The tenant will also need to be able to afford all of the future bills that are due for the property, including rent, fuel, heat, and their basic needs like food. As if the property and the tenant’s living expenses are not sustainable, then there is no point is the rent deposit guarantee scheme being used.

Amount of deposit help from the Dartford Council

This is short term assistance. The amount of financial aid (in the form of a council guarantee) is limited. The bond will only cover up to 4 weeks’ worth of rent on the private property. This means 30 days, or really one full month. All assistance also depends on the scheme criteria being met as well as council funding.

The tenant will also need to meet Dartford Council criteria going forward. This means agree to money management classes as well an employment criteria. The private rented sector property also need to be damage free, and the housing authority at the council will inspect the property from time to time.

Also, all rent payments need to be made on time. The Dartford housing authority will check with the landlord to ensure that the tenant does not fall into arrears on their rent. If they do then either the bond can be revoked or the tenant may be sanctioned by the council. In addition, the root cause of the rental arrears will be addressed to with budgeting, employment, and other steps.

Applications can be picked up at the main council office/centre. The office is the Housing Options & Advice Centre at the Dartford Borough Council Post is Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent DA1 1DR, or ring 01322 343434.