Grants from the Warwickshire local welfare scheme

The council in Warwickshire runs the welfare scheme for the county, and as funds allow, they can provide grants or vouchers for living expenses. There is help for immediate needs as well as long term preventative services, and the assistance is for vulnerable residents of the county that are in a crisis. The support can include food parcels or credit on an account for heating or fuel bills. There is also other household items that can be provided, such as furniture or white goods.

The council will also address long term needs and create plans with clients, and this can help the vulnerable person with employment or other assistance so they can get back on track. The individual on a low income that is facing a crisis will partner with a counsellor to get help with the root cause of their hardship, whether it is debts or lack of income, and this is the planned need part of the local welfare scheme.

Assistance for immediate needs

The most common forms of assistance provided in Warwickshire are for food or energy bills. However the council can provide other support at its discretion, but there are no guarantees to getting help.

When food is provided, it will be in the form of a parcel. The box will have items such as tinned meats, fruits, and items such as milk to last for 3 days, so it can address an emergency that the household is faced with. Then, the family can always turn to a local food bank for further, long term support.

Utility and fuel expenses can also be paid. The welfare scheme will provide a credit for these bills, with an aim of keeping the heat on for the most vulnerable Warwickshire residents, such as for elderly or older people.

In order to apply for a grant, the individual will need to think of welfare as being a last resort. The applicant can’t have any other means of assistance, whether from a friend, charity scheme, or government benefits. So only if they are going to go hungry may the Warkeshire Council provide a food parcel, or if they are going cold in the winter then aid may be provided. Or similar conditions must be met for other types of support.

The council will restrict what they issue an award for. In some cases, if they feel another charity, local council or organisation such as Department of Work and Pensions is a better fit, then a referral is provided to that organisation for financial assistance.

There are also limits to the council scheme. Residents can only apply for a grant up to two or three times per year, depending on what the need is. Also, all government funds are limited.

Preventative help in Warkeshire

The council and its partner organisations will also assist with long term needs, and this can help the vulnerable get back on track to deal with what caused the crisis. This is also known as pro-active support, and it also assists people resettling into the various towns and cities in Warwickshire.

The planned needs portion of the scheme can help with newly created household expenses or goods for resettling, such as provide furniture, beds, microwave ovens, or other items for those moving into a new home. Other components may include training on employment or life skills, debt management or budgeting advice and signposting to partner charity organisations.

Advisors from the council provide more information and process applications. Whether seeking help for an immediate or planned need, residents should call 01926 359182. They will perform an assessment and advise on whether the eligibility conditions have been met or not.