Glasgow local Welfare Fund scheme

Residents that are low income or are vulnerable can get help from the Glasgow Welfare Fund. The assistance as well as applications are provided by the city council. The government agency provides support to families or individuals that are facing a crisis from the local welfare scheme. Not only may vouchers or grants be provided by the council, but they also offer referrals to charity organisations across Scotland and the city of Glasgow.

The priority is on keeping people safe and healthy, and since the funds from the Community Care or Crisis grant scheme are limited, the council will priortise those applicants. It is a cash limited programme, and in most cases people will be issued a voucher for the items they need, whether it is a food parcel, fuel bills or clothing. Or the council will refer the applicant to other agencies in Scotland for financial aid.

In limited cases the council can help with rent arrears or deposits on a new home from services such as Discretionary Housing Payment or other similar programmes. So welfare is combined with other assistance.

Type of help provided from the Community Care or Crisis grants

Resettlement is for people moving into a new home or flat. Maybe it is an elderly person leaving care or a hospital or ex-offenders. Another example of help being provided for resettlement is an applicant moving into a more affordable property.

In these cases, the authorities in Glasgow can help with rent deposits, arrange furniture and other white goods as part of community care grants. Usually the support is provided in the form of items for their new flat or home.

Applicants need to be on the path to living independently, and also applying for or receiving benefits, in order to get help from resettlement. The resident needs to have Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, signing up for the Job Seekers Allowance, or receiving a pension.

Emergency food is provided from the council in partnership with foodbanks, churches, and soup kitchens. There may also be free toiletries offered as well. To make an application for a parcel, drop in at or ring the Glasgow Citizens Advice Bureau (phone 0141 552 5556) or another number to call is listed below in order to reach Council’s Crisis Assistance Line. No cash is provided for these goods, but the applicant will get either a voucher or referral as part of the welfare crisis grant scheme.

The Job Centre Plus partners with the Glasgow City council to provide other assistance to individuals facing an emergency. For people waiting on benefits, they can apply for short term Advances, which can provide them money for their bills while they are waiting on benefits.

A separate programme from the council is for tenants in rent arrears, and this is the Discretionary Housing Payment. If the tenant is otherwise living independently, but is facing a one-off crisis, there may be money for paying housing costs or rent. Call 0141 287 5050 for more information and to speak to a housing advisor.

Help for funeral payments is available from a council welfare scheme, and to apply, call the Bereavement Helpline at 0141 287 3965. This is for people with a local connection to Scotland that have had a relative pass. The funds can also pay for travel and related costs.

There are crisis grants to use for assistance for utilities that are in arrears, such as gas or electric bills. Any help from the local scheme will be in the form of a pre-paid card that tops off the account of the family in fuel poverty. The amount provided by the Glasgow Council will vary based on circumstances and funding. The priority is on households on a low income facing an emergency, such as they need assistance in staying warm during the winter.

Families on benefits in the city that have a new baby can apply for the Sure Start Maternity Grant. As Glasgow Council and charity funding allows, up to £500 is provided. Applicants need to have no other children and also need to be on low income and government benefits. The phone number is 0845 603 6967.

Another programme is interest free loans from Job Centre Plus centres in Glasgow. The funds can be used for clothing, rental payments, furniture, food, or other needs. Applicants need to be on benefits to get this type of financing.

White Goods can be provided by the Local Resettlement Assistance scheme, which is part of the welfare fund community grants. This is part of resettlement, and is for the homeless or people from the Borough moving into a new property in the city of Glasgow. It covers items such as fridges or cookware, among other items.

Glasgow residents can apply for the local crisis grants or resettlement assistance by calling 01412 761 177. Any grants from the council are paid at their discretion, but some funds may be provided within two days. Or the Customer Support Team at the Glasgow City Council has a post of City Chambers, Glasgow, G2 1DU.