Glasgow Loaves and Fishes assistance programmes

Loaves and Fishes is a charity based in Glasgow that helps to feed as well as cloth the hungry and poor. They have a few main services including a foodbank, soup kitchen, and social service group. Operating out of Renfield St Stephen’s Church Centre, the registered charity provides assistance in South as well as North Lanarkshire and the city of Glasgow.

Most of what is provided is for hunger prevention. But there are also personal items given out too. Those include free Toiletries as well as good quality clothing. Other items that may be passed out to clients will be soup, detergent, razors, and more. This service will help the poor maintain their dignity by being clean and well presented. All supplies allow families to save money that they can use to pay for other living expenses they have, such as rent or transportation. More information on the Loaves and Fishes food and cloth assistance programmes are below.

Food and meals

Hundreds of people get either free food parcels or access low cost meals (from the Oasis café) each month. All of this takes place at the Renfield St Stephen’s Church in Glasgow, which is a partner of Loaves and Fishes. One of the key benefits to the scheme is that the charity feeds anyone in need across Lanarkshire. Clients do not only need to come from the city of Glasgow.

Parcels are passed out on Thursdays from the foodbank. All clients need to apply, or they can have a referral from the council, social work departments, or Trussell Trust. The charity will not assist everyone that drops in for a parcel unless they meet all criteria. Only tinned items are passed out and not fresh items due to storage restrictions.

Glasgow Loaves and Fishes Christmas meals and food parcels are also given out. Hundreds of families local to Lanarkshire get help. These parcels contain seasonal items. In addition, there may be some toys games, and free Christmas gifts for children local to Glasgow. The holiday meals feed kids, older people, and the homeless.

Almost 50 people get a free hot meal from the Oasis Cafe. The scheme is open on Monday and Thursday evenings. It only serves supper. The Renfield St Stephen’s Church provides a safe place for people to go for their needs. Behaviour and other expectations are in place from the cafe.

Many people from across Glasgow use the service, which will guarantee the client one hot meal per day. Clients of the Cafe include the homeless, men, women, and families in poverty. While eating the dinner the individual can also meet with a worker from Loaves and Fishes to learn of other schemes that may assist them. As the charity may link the client with welfare benefits, shelter if needed, and other forms of financial assistance.

Free basic necessities from Loaves and Fishes

The charity will mostly have vouchers for clothes as well as supplies that families need for their home. Cold winter items, including warm winter jackets for children or boots, are also available. These items can often be costly, and since Loaves and Fishes provides these items it may free up the client’s income for paying other bills. There are also several other voucher schemes for free items.

The aim is to help the individual feel good. As new clothes can lead to an increased feeling of self-worth and dignity, which may lead to a better job. It is also combined with toiletries. Loaves and Fishes may give out soap, shampoo and similar items. Between the clothes and hygiene supplies, clients feel positive about their life.

For more information on Loaves and Fishes, the cafe and foodbank is at 15 Carron Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0YL. The telephone number is 01355 224 375.