St. Helens financial assistance from welfare scheme

Families on a low income and vulnerable residents of St. Helens borough can get free stuff from the welfare scheme. It is provided by the council, and while cash is not given as part of welfare, the local authorities will signpost people to places for financial help for paying their bills. Local welfare combines free items with emergency financial help for paying bills or living expenses.

The aim is to help the poor by signposting to financial help for paying energy bills, rent or transportation, support people who faced a disaster, give free items, and also assist the vulnerable so they can maintain or establish a home in the St. Helens borough community. Those are the four main aims of the welfare scheme.

The financial help (rent deposits or fuel bills) or free items (food, furniture and more) can also be done in partnership social or support workers. This means the council uses whatever resources it can as part of welfare.

Signposting to financial help

The St. Helens council help residents find programmes that will give them cash grants, loans, and other aid for paying their bills. This can include heating, rent deposit schemes, transportation vouchers, medical, and much more. The local welfare scheme does not offer cash themselves, but the staff at the council direct the low income on where to go.

Bill paying schemes are extensive. There are government schemes for paying winter heating bills, loans and bonds to help pay rental deposits, loans from credit unions in St. Helens to help pay a number of bills, and many more. The council will not only signpost a client to one in the area, but in some cases, they can help with form filling or applications.

There is also signposting to central government benefit schemes as well as Citizens Advice. This is where residents on a low income can get financial help from many programmes. They include Short Term Benefit Advances for dealing with a change of circumstances including around employment. Hardship payments can provide cash when benefits have been sanctioned. The St. Helens also signposts for Budgeting Loans to help pay for essential bills or items.

Free items from St. Helens welfare schemes

This can help people St. Helens are trying to stay in the community or those seeking to establish a home, such as clients leaving a hospital, the homeless, families impacted by a fire or other disaster and others. Any aid may also be provided at the discretion of the council too, but most of the free items are for those people. In addition, the applicant can have saving and be on a low income or benefits.

The types of free assistance from the St. Helens welfare scheme are as follows. The support is often give in partnership with charities that are local to the borough.

-Free furniture (couches, beds, tables, appliances, etc.) and white goods, including heaters, fridges, or washers. If the council can’t assist, find other free furniture schemes.
-Free emergency food parcels, hot meals from soup kitchens in St. Helens council, and groceries from food banks.
-Clothing and personal hygiene supplies, blankets, and similar items.

Other free items or financial aid may be given out as well. As indicated, the St Helens local welfare scheme combines both goods as well as signposting to support.
There is a customer support Contact Centre for residents to call on for information on local welfare or emergency assistance. The post is Wesley House, Corporation Street, St Helens, WA10 1HF. Telephone number to call is 01744 676789.