Financial assistance from Royal British Legion grants and loans

Several different grants are provided by the Royal British Legion to those that have served the country and the agency also does its best to help the veterans’ family. There is also financial aid for paying bills and expenses for people that are serving as well as their dependents, if they have any. The funds are used to address a crisis, such as the payment of rent arrears to stop homelessness, fuel bills, food, and other household expenses. There may even be loans for starting a business and to help people achieve independence.

The Royal British Legion has a helpline they run that can provide information on these programmes, or other solutions. The number is 0808 802 8080, and a customer support person while provide advice on how to apply or other welfare benefits that may be a better option.

Uses of emergency funds from the Legion

Housing and rent payments are provided. There is also help for ex-service woman or man that are now homeless or sleeping rough, and this may be money for a deposit. The services for housing problems are many, as the organisation can not only refer individuals to schemes or charities that are local to them, but they may also have emergency funds for paying a portion of rent arrears or other costs.

Both widows and wives of those still serving are a priority. The legion has resources dedicated to this, and the Women’s Section has a number of grants available for living expenses, transportation, or funeral costs. Clients can also make an enquiry into benevolent programmes for both themselves and their children.

Microfinance loans and financing can be part of the programme known as Be the Boss. Poppyscotland, the Department for Business as well as the Royal British Legion provide support so veterans can start a small businesses on their own. Not only may there no interest loans provided, but staff also help people create a business plan, offer mentoring, and other guidance. The legion and its staff want the Service leavers to be successful in their new endeavor, so ongoing support is provided, including information on other organisations that offer small business loans.

Grants are offered for other expenses too. The Royal British Legion provides additional Homelessness support, Employment and Training, and funds for general Family Support. All applications will be reviewed by trustees of the legion, and for those that qualify, there may be cash provided for these emergency bills that people are threatened with.

Any funds from this will be one off, and most of the money will be small dollar amounts. However, the financial aid can go a long way towards helping a service member catch up on any arrears they have or maybe pay for educational expenses. The charity provides people time and support to gain stability.

Ex-Service people who were in prison can get help from the legion too. They partner with groups such as SSAFA on this. The ex-offender will be assigned to a caseworker for assistance, and the aim is to resettle the individual back into the community. This programme is run from TRBL / SSAFA Inside Times, Freepost SW1345, 199 Borough High Street, London SE1 1AA.

The Royal British Legion also have information or referrals on funds from many other not-for-profits, such as British Korean Veterans Association, Irish ex-Service Trust, and the British Red Cross. For more information on any other their grant programmes, call 0808 802 8080.