Emergency vouchers from local scheme in Derby

Families with a local connection to Derby, and that also receive benefits from the government, can get a voucher from the local council. It can be used for a number of needs, including toiletries, food, meals, and even furniture. The scheme was created in an effort to assist people that are facing a crisis.

No cash or grants will be provided to the individual as part of the scheme. However, the vouchers from the council can be used to pay for a number of items. This can then allow their income to be freed up to pay for other bills. So if a family uses the voucher from the council to buy their food that will free up their cash for other expenses, such as rent or any debt arrears they have outstanding.

Who can the Derby Scheme help?

The programme is limited and is aimed to help those that are currently on benefits and faced with a crisis, such as lack of food or hunger. Proof of the emergency and eligibility will be required by the council as well. Some of the qualifications may include below.

  • Individuals on income support may be eligible for the scheme, and this may be a Pension or Working Tax Credit.
  • People impacted by a disability, and that receive an allowance because of that may receive a voucher from the local assistance scheme or it can help people on a Statutory Sick Pay.
  • The unemployed in Derby who are on the Jobseekers or the Employment and Support allowance may be eligible.
  • Other benefits that may be eligible are the maternity allowance, people on Bereavement, war disability, and many others. The person needs to be facing an emergency.

The scheme in only for people in the Derby area. It is not for families in other towns or cities in the greater Derbyshire region. Proof of this is required as well, and the council may even check the tax records to verify this before a voucher is issued. Usually the person needs to have lived in the area for at least 6 of the previous 12 months. For more information, the Customer Service Centre can be called at 01332 293111.

Find how to receive a voucher

There is an application process in place by the council. It includes two parts. There is an assessment that needs to be done online and then a personal interview after that is completed. Only those that are found eligible after the assessment is completed will be contacted by a Customer Service Adviser from the council. If someone doesn’t have the internet, then they can use the Council House for support.

For those that proceed past the online session, an assessment will then need to take place over the phone. The individual seeking a voucher will need to ring the Adviser to start this interview process. If after the phone call, if the application for the local scheme is approved then the voucher can be provided from the Derby Council House.

The voucher can be used to buy different items, such as food, canned items, and other non-perishable goods. This can help ensure the Derby family does not go hungry. In addition, other items can be obtained as well, such as white goods or clothing for employment. In some cases, a voucher can also pay for prepayment cards for electricity or gas usage.

The council also has referrals to other food banks in the Derby region. This can be used for people that either have a voucher, or that have had their application to the scheme denied. Or if a family is not eligible as they do not receive benefits, they too can use these other local foodbanks for help.