EDF Energy financial assistance programmes

Several different programmes are available for income qualified EDF Energy customers. The company provides help to tens of thousands of customers each year using a combination of rebates, discounts, and charitable grants. They also participate in government schemes such as the Warm Home Discount and others. Advisers are available to find solutions to a hardship.

The Warm Home Discount provides millions in rebates to EDF Energy customers per year. This is offered in partnership between electricity supplies and the government. While the amount paid out may change, in some years the onetime payment from the scheme may be as much as £150. The assistance is available in one of two different forms.

The first option is the Support Plus rebate. This is usually offered for those households that receive Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, the Jobseeker’s Allowance, State Pension or the Working Tax Credit. Households must also have a low income in order to get help with their electricity bills.

The second option is the general Warm Home Discount rebate. There is for those who receive the Pension Credit or that are over the age of 65. Customers will be notified by DPW – Department for Work and Pensions if they qualify, however people can always call EDF Energy to ask about this. There are also some other conditions in place in order to receive the discount.

Other programmes, such as payment plans or grants from Trust Funds, may also be set up by EDF Energy. Customers or families that need help with paying their energy bills should call the company at 0800 068 8251. Coordinators from the Priority Services Team can work with the individual to explore solutions that can help with their heating costs.

They can also be provided free advice about how they can stay warmer during the winter months, such as conservation tips. This will include ensuring they are on the right tariff plan, and also give them information about any free home insulation programmes they qualify for.

There are also Unclaimed Government Benefits that people may be entitled too. For example, many individuals in the UK may be able to receive grants for paying for central heating systems that they are not aware of. Call 0800 99 1234†to determine if eligible.

Energy saving schemes are also offered by the Government. They can make improvements easier to obtain and to pay for. Savings can be achieved on annual gas bills from these. The main services includes the following.

  • Home improvements can be paid for by ECO. This will help low income and unemployed households that get power from EDF Energy save money on their annual energy bills. If your income is low enough, some of the improvements are made for free to their home.
  • Green Deal is a UK sponsored programme that will make updates more affordable and accessible. Many homes can save a significant amount of money on their heating bills as a result of the Green Deal.

EDF Energy also works with other organisations in order to provide assistance to customers. Some of the main services are as follows.

Referrals can be made to Citizens Advice. Coordinators from this charity will help families solve their money, legal, and other financial problems. Free advice and services are provided as well. There are hundreds of centers located across the UK, including England and Wales

The Home Heat Helpline will offer individuals information about grants for paying fuel bills as well as other advice. Advisers from the line will also provide information on discounts as well as payment and government schemes. Call 0800 33 66 99†. Or call the Energy Savings Trust at 0800 512 012 for how to save energy on bills.

Winter Fuel Payments are for elderly EDF Energy customers. This is one of the main government schemes for older customers and it can provide them up to £300 for their monthly bills each year. To get information, dial 0845 915 1515.

Assistance from EDF Energy Trust

This is a charity organization that was created by the company. It will help customers pay off electricity and gas debts and bills if they meet various conditions. It was created to help reduce fuel poverty in the area and to also help families pay off their electricity or gas bills.

A number of grants are offered from the Trust. They include FAP, or Further Assistance Payments, as well as funds that can be used to clear domestic gas and electricity debts. Any type of assistance paid out can be used to pay utility arrears only if it will allow the customer to better pay off their current electricity bills.

EDF Energy may also provide grants for other needs as well. Different programs include programmes Bankruptcy deposits as well as Debt Relief Orders, or DRO. There is also help for paying for cookers or energy efficient white goods. So there are a number of different bills that can be paid for by the charity.

Advisers from EDF Energy work with customers to provide them assistance. Individuals that are struggling should call Priority Services at 0800 068 8251.