Dwr Cymru Welsh schemes to pay water bills

There are multiple schemes available from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, and each of them will offer some form of financial help or discount to customers on a low income. There are assistance programmes that can provide a new monthly tariff, reduce any water bill arrears, and other schemes offer additional support as well. Dwr Cymru Welsh Water as well as their partners to their best to help families that are experiencing a financial emergency.

The first thing to do is to call the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water customer support team at the telephone number below. Or if the individual is not comfortable in ringing the company, they can work with a social serve agency such as Civil Legal Advice, ShelterCymru, or their local Citizens Advice Bureau. The point is to reach out to an organisation to commence the process of applying for water bill assistance.

Discounts and tariffs

If the customer is a renter, or owns a home, that is part of the local housing authority or if the property is owned by a Registered Social Landlord, then the Water Collect Discount can be applied too. This is an annual discount given to a water bill for a one year period of time. Note the property owner needs to agree to the discount scheme as well. The amount will only be £10 per year, but even a small discount can help a struggling Dwr Cymru Welsh Water customer.

There are multiple tariffs set by the provider as well. For any Dwr Cymru Welsh Water customer with a total income of less than £12,500 per annum or for those that live in poverty, there are 4 tariffs that they can apply to. Each one is income based and is set by a band. Where the customer’s total income falls will determine the tariff in place for that particular water usage. This scheme is known as HelpU.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water customers in which someone in the household has a medical condition can also get a discount. A key wage earner needs to be sick and/or unable to work, and the applicant also needs a meter at their property. In addition the flat or home needs to have a large family and large amount of water being used. If the criteria are met, then the customer will not be charged as much for their usage.

Financial help from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

The Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Customer Assistance Fund is effective at eliminate arrears as well as paying down debts. It is for a customer that owes more than £150 to the provider. In addition, the applicant needs to be facing a severe financial hardship and not have enough income to support themselves. Many of these customers are on some form of benefits and/or the Universal Credit.

There are different places to apply at for the Customer Assistance Fund. Customers can apply at the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water centre, Step Change, ShelterCymru, or a Citizens Advice Bureau centre. Each of of these organisations can process applications to get the family enrolled.

If accepted into the Customer Assistance Fund, the client needs to keep up with paying their Dwr Cymru Welsh Water bills. If they do for 6 months than one half of the arrears will be eliminated. Then, if they continue to keep up for another 6 months after that, the balance of the debt on the account will be eliminated. But all future charges will need to be paid for that 12 months in order to have the scheme be 100% effective.

For more information on any of these schemes call the organisation listed above. Or Dwr Cymru Welsh Water can be reached at 0800 052 0145.