Find help in Dorset with rent in advance and deposits

If a resident of Dorset is threatened by homelessness or if an individuals with a local connection needs a more affordable accommodation to live in, then there may be funds available for paying a rent deposit. Many of the borough councils provide assistance to the vulnerable and homeless, and the schemes use a combination of loans or bond guarantees in order to help pay any security deposits or even up to one months worth of rent in advance. There are also some charity organisations to call upon that can provide housing support to those seeking private accommodations.

Each of the council schemes has their own eligibility requirements in place, and they will often set priorities for who will receive help. Some councils in Dorset County, such as the Bournemouth Borough, will also issue no interest loans for paying a deposit to help a resident enter into a tenancy agreement. So the criteria of each scheme will vary, and individuals will need to call their local housing authority in order to get more information.

Deposit and housing schemes from councils

Loans and a letting service are provided by the Bournemouth Borough Council. The council, using government guidelines on priority needs, will provide money for a deposit payment. There may also be help for the homeless in the borough.

For approved clients, the council will issue a loan to their landlord, and the money will cover housing expenses up to one month worth of a deposit. The tenant will need to agree to a repayment plan and meet other conditions of the Bournemouth Council, such as only select an affordable home, maintain the property and more. The address is St Stephen’s Road, Town Hall, BH2 6LL, telephone 01202 4514 67, or find more information on the Bournemouth Council deposit scheme.

Dorchester Council provides bonds to as part of their rent in advance and deposit scheme. The authority will issue this guarantee to landlords of private accommodations who agree to accept it, and the council scheme will help encourage the landlord to let to the individual. There will be priority to those with a connection to Dorset County and that are in priority need of housing.

In addition the the bond, the council in Dorchester will also arrange ongoing tenant support, provide free advice on debt arrears and other problems, and even help tenants obtain certificates such as for gas safety and others. Call the council office at 01305 251010 or drop in at the office 22 High East Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1EZ. More on deposit help in Dorchester.

Poole loan scheme – The council will provide rent in advance and deposit help to the homeless, vulnerable, and families on a low income that need to resettle. The council will also allow tenants to combine the council scheme with other programmes they are involved in, such as any housing benefits they receive or other forms of support. As part of the scheme, applicant can select their own home in the private sector, provided the housing team approves it.

Priority is for certain individuals with a local connection. Loans will be made available to pregnant women, families with dependent children, the disabled, and currently homeless. Any help with a deposit will only be given to a home that is affordable and that the tenant can sustain the rent on in the future. The Poole Council Housing and Community Services has an office in the Civic Centre, and can be called at 01202 633805. Tenants can also find additional details on the scheme, and read Borough of Poole council loans for deposits.

The West Dorset District Council can arrange short term accommodations for the homeless. The Housing Team can also help residents apply for benefits and offer them general housing advice. A bond scheme is also provided for a select few tenants. The council address is South Walks Road, Dorchester, DT1 1UZ. The customer service centre can be called at 01305 251010, or more on West Dorset Deposit programmes.

Housing and rent deposit assistance from Dorset charities

The organisations below will have limited funding, as most use donations and volunteers in an effort to help the homeless and vulnerable. If a charity does not have funds or a bond guarantee for a deposit from a scheme, then signposting is often provided to other Dorset county agencies.

Bournemouth Churches Housing Association is a Christian based charity in Dorset. They provide temporary accommodations for young people or those sleeping rough. Volunteers from the church can also provide them with a hot meal, clothing, and other items. The charity will also signpost individuals to a local deposit scheme in their borough, and they liaise with councils and landlords too. The charity is based in Bournemouth and can be called at 01202 410500, or more details on housing services from the association.

Christian Action on Homelessness, or Routes To Roots, provides advice and referrals from their drop in centre in Poole. Most of the support from the charity is in the form of advice to clients, so the low income can be referred to both deposit schemes in the Dorset area or get applications for housing benefits, furniture, and other assistance. Read more Routes To Roots housing services.