South Yorkshire assistance with rental deposits from schemes

Charity organisations and councils across South Yorkshire can provide deposit schemes and other assistance to struggling individuals or the vulnerable. The financial aid is combined with other housing services, such as temporary accommodations and free advice on government welfare programmes. Many homeless individuals, or those facing eviction, will often receive help from these various schemes.

Social workers and volunteers from the organisations, whether it is a council or charity, offer support on housing challenges. Clients can get help in locating new permanent housing in the South Yorkshire or finding an emergency accommodation. In addition, any type of assistance with a rent in advance or other expense is combined with job placement, education, and more.

As with most housing programmes, landlords or these private properties need to participate as well. They need to agree to accept the deposit from the local council or charity. In some cases, a bond guarantee will be issued, however that also needs approval. So the terms of these services will vary widely.

Schemes from not-for-profits in South Yorkshire

The charities below rely mostly on private donations and the participation of volunteers from the county. Due to this, the funding is limtied, but they will try to help with rent in advance and other housing costs. The staff from the charities will provide other services too, such as signposting or even just a listening ear or hot meal.

Action Housing and Support Service is for current tenants. Volunteers and others help people work towards independent living in their current flat. Homeless prevention advice and other practical support is provided for eligible tenants on a low income.

They offer free advice on accessing affordable accommodations, housing allowances, or deposit schemes for resettlement. The organization partners with landlords and tenants to provide bond guarantees for any rent in advance and more. Most of the services from Action Housing is for ex-offenders or those that misuse substances. Address is 6 Genesis Business Park, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DX, call 01709 821251 for information.

Accommodations are also managed by Action Housing. The flats located across South Yorkshire are for people that receive housing benefits, are homeless, and over the age of 18. If found to be eligible, a bond will be issued in order to pay the security deposit. They also help people complete applications for community care grants, assist with signposting employment, and provide food or furniture. In order to get help from the Barnsley Action 4 Housing Bond Scheme, applicants need referrals from a local council or advice centre. 34 Victoria Rd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2BU, call 01226 209333.

Another key service from Action Housing is the partnerships they have with other charities in South Yorkshire. The housing specialists can refer individuals to schemes from organisations such as Doncaster Action/RDaSH or the Rotherham Right Bond Scheme. Find more information on the Action Housing deposit schemes.

General Housing Solutions are provided by First point. It is for people that are sleeping rough or may be homeless in the future. They run a programme that can help with the security deposit. While a priority is on the most needy and homeless in towns such as Doncaster, however, there may also be schemes for those from the area that are threatened with future evictions.

The funds for the deposit may also be combined with Benefit maximisation for paying rent, Signposting, free legal aid, and referrals. Landlords can also explore bond guarantees that are in place. Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield, S1 2SH.

Robond – A South Yorkshire charity provides services, including a bond scheme for a security deposit. What is available, including a full assessment of the prospective tenants needs. Based on the results, staff may help with locating a PRS property or assist with applying for housing benefits. The association may also inspect the property, provide furniture referrals, and more. This is all in addition to any funds for the deposit from the scheme.

It is only available in the Rotherham Area and for people over the age of 18 that have a referrals from Citizens Advice or the council. The landlord needs to agree to the bond as well, which will normally only last for 6 months or so. Address is Drummond Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S65 1HY.

Government aid and council schemes

As a last resort, the councils below may have funds for deposits people in their local district. They will require significant proof of the emergency and want people to contact a charity first, as the government funds for any schemes they provide are limtied. Some of the locations to try are below.

People that live in the City of Sheffield can contact the council for help. The Local Assistance Scheme they created may be able to assist with the deposit on a new flat. The council offers a number of programmes, ranging from Private Rented Solutions to low interest loans in partnership with the local credit union and they also give out free housing advice. Read deposit help from Sheffield City Council.

Rotherham Borough Council provides KCPM, or Key Choices Property Management. It can provide private accommodations to individuals on a low income. The service known as Private Rented Sector access scheme has a number of parts to it.

Those homeless people or other individuals that are having difficulty in finding a home may get assistance. Some of the groups of people that get help with their deposit from the scheme include substance misusers, the homeless, those with physical disabilities, tenants that owe rent arrears, and others. It is for anyone that is considered vulnerable and on a low income. 20-21 Old Town Hall, Rotherham, S60 1QX, call 01709 336009. Or find more details on rent deposit help in Rotherham.

Free advice is provided from the South Yorkshire Homeless Prevention Team on staff. They operate the rent deposit service as well as the bond guarantee scheme. Other services include information on tenant rights and help in locating a new property.

This is available for the vulnerable, needy, young people, those with a disability, and others in Barnsley. There may even be help for individuals that owe rent arrears to their landlord or that are behind on their other debts. Civic Hall, Eldon Street, Barnsley, S70 2JL, call 01226 773870 for services.


Mike says:

Hi, I work for Childrens Services in South Yorkshire and I am trying to support a family to move house. The family are made up of mum and dad and seven children all under 14 years of age. They are living in a two bedroom property which is private landlord and there is a debt of £1,144,80. I am trying to get some advise on how I can support the family to move.