Assistance from Leicester and Leicestershire deposit schemes

A combination of council, not-for profits, and legal organisations in Leicestershire provide both deposit schemes and housing programmes to the homeless and vulnerable. Many landlords participate in these different solutions, and each and every agency is focused on those that need help.

The eligibility requirements for each charity or council will vary. Some focus on the currently homeless or maybe someone in priority need. Other schemes can help individuals with a disability or maybe an older person, such as age of 60 or older. Those seeking help with a security deposit or some other type of rental assistance need to call for more information.

As noted, landlords from Leicester often participate in these schemes. They can be provided a guarantee and maybe have the ability to have a strong tenant lease their accommodation. Another benefit is the tenant will often be provided ongoing support and advice.

Government supported schemes for deposits

Charnwood Borough Council helps tenants find and pay for a private accommodation. The main service available is the Tenant Finder Scheme. It is for those threatened with evictions or homelessness. However, others may be able to apply too. Also, families in priority need may also qualify for one of the deposit guarantee schemes.

If the local council can’t help the applicant with the deposit, then other options may be available. Those individuals may be eligible for temporary accommodations or other support. The address is Southfield Road, Loughborough, LE11 2TX, call 01509 634567, or learn more on Charnwood deposit and housing benefits.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council – Temporary accommodations can be provided by the Housing Department. Clients tend to be vulnerable, pregnant, or young children. Others that use the housing or victims or domestic violence. The council also provide tenants with referrals to rent schemes, housing advice and other support. Council Offices, Rugby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0FR, call 01455 238141 for information.

Leicester and the Let Home Finder Scheme is for low income families. They can get support so they avoid homelessness. There is also emergency, temporary accommodation that can provided to them as well. Note that in order to be placed into the housing, many conditions need to be met.

The Prevention Team will provide an assessment. The client needs to prove they can pay the rent on their own in the future. So this is for people in Leicestershire who show some form of stability over the long term and are facing a one time crisis. If able to enroll, also get help in applying for housing benefits, there will be guarantees of a deposit for your landlord, and other assistance is arranged. Housing Options Service, Phoenix House 1, King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RN, call 0116 252 8707

Melton Borough Council also provides individuals on a low income and the homeless with accommodations. Most people who use the housing or apply for a deposit on their own accommodation are considered vulnerable. There may also be help for people in a priority need.

The council will also offer eligible residents of Melton an interest-free security deposit loan. This is another option for people that live in the area to explore. The funds are focused on individuals that are homeless or tenants that have the potential be so in the near future. Address: Park Side, Station Approach, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 OGH, or call 01664 502502.

North West Leicestershire area helps the homeless. They operate a Rent Deposit Scheme. In some cases, assistance is also for people under the age of 25, the disabled or ex-offenders. The financial support for a damage deposit is provided in one of a few ways, including a bond or a loan. Also, the council may even help those with either rent or debt arrears due to their landlords. All applicants need to have a connection to the Leicestershire County area.

Tenants can benefit from free legal support or landlord/tenant mediation. The council can also fast track applications for housing benefits. Offer referrals are provided to support services or furniture programmes, and help a homeless person find a private accommodation. So there is many other forms of financial aid offered, in addition to the schemes for the deposit. Call 0800 952 0079 for the North West Leicestershire Council. Address is Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3FJ, or find additional details on rent deposit help in North West Leicestershire.

Housing programmes from charities in Leicestershire

Seven Locks Housing offers reduced rent housing across Market Harborough. Individuals that are on a low income, including seniors, may be able to use the services provided by the charity. Advisors can also provide tenants information on payment plans for past due rent or a deposit, schemes, and other assistance. Read more Seven Locks Housing.

SHARP – Shelter Housing Aid and Research Project – This is a form of legal aid. Tenants can learn about their housing rights, get information on agencies that offer schemes for a security deposit, and other advice. There is legal help for people that are badly housed or the homeless. Services are also available in the towns of Rutland, Northamptonshire, and others. The address is 13 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 7AD. To learn more, call 0116 254 6064. Specialists will provide advice to those that need help.

The charity also offers other assistance though. SHARP can provide referrals to charities that offer rental deposit schemes or financial aid. For the homeless that are moving into a new flat, there may also be furniture provides as well as ongoing tenancy support. Read services from Shelter Housing Aid and Research Project.

YASC is also known as the Advice and Support Centre. This charity supports young people in Leicestershire by offering them temporary accomodations. There is also advice and practical support at their drop in centre. Services range from referrals to the local deposit schemes to money management classes that can be used to help save for housing needs and more. Find more details on the YASC housing services and assessment process.