Coventry Community Support Grant scheme

A local scheme was created in Coventry and is known as the Community Support Grant. This is not the same programme that was run by the central government as part of the social fund, but instead the local council created this as a form of welfare for the vulnerable.

Any assistance provided comes with restrictions and is limited. The grant is also only for people on a low income, that have explored all other financing and resource, and that are still faced with a health or safety issue. More details on the uses of the council funds are below, however there can always be exceptions made based on the results of an assessment done by the local Benefit Service.

Uses of support grants in Coventry

Any aid provided is at the discretion of the council, and they are not legally obligated to provide any residents with funds. In previous years around 2000 families have been assisted, and about one half of applications for an award are denied.

The Benefit Service will also decide what the welfare payments can cover, based on the results of an assessment and application process. So the details on what the scheme will pay for varies by person and family, but some examples are as follows.

Assistance can address hardships that could lead to a health crisis if not addressed, and this can be hunger or a medical concern. So to help with this, the Community Support Grants in Coventry can provide food, cards for fuel bills if the family would go cold, transportation for health care reasons, and similar needs. Ensuring safey of residents is a priority.

One key aim is also on preventing hunger, so food parcels and vouchers can be provided to those on a low income that are facing a crisis. The council will also try to ensure the vulnerable have some type of long term help when it comes to feeding their family, so the staff can also signpost people to other solutions, and locate emergency food banks.

Funds may be provided for housing payments, and this is for residents that may be homeless without some type of help. There is also support for people who will no longer be able to live independently, and they may also benefit from government welfare payments. Coventry may therefore issue either a loan or guarantee for a rent deposit, or more likely the council will issue a grant as part of the Discretionary Housing Payment programme. This cash will then be used to pay a rent arrears, and the council can do this as they run both services.

Welfare, when combined with the DHP housing payment, are effective for preventing both homelessness and also food poverty in Coventry. Or the council will use the schemes to help people move to more affordable social housing or private accommodations, or access a not-for-profit food bank, if that is the best option.

Other assistance may be provided too, and it can include vouchers for clothing or household goods, or the council will refer a client to a soup kitchen. They also often providing budgeting and access to job training. The specifics will be decided after an award has been made.

Find how to apply for welfare

Grants, spend cards or vouchers are issued in Coventry as a last resort to people that have no other help. The financial hardship also needs to be short term and not long term poverty, as funds are limited. The aim is to assist vulnerable families or people with immediate needs required for subsistence. All of these, and other eligibility criteria need to be met in order to apply to the Coventry Benefit Service.

All applications for welfare as well as the crisis grant need to be done online. There are also internet access points in Coventry that people can use. People with a disability or elderly individuals can make assisted telephone claims, and that number is 024 7683 2727. The office hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.30pm.


Jon McNamara says:

Hi, I’m on ESA support group in Coventry and I’m really struggling. I need help buying food to eat, money for bills, clothing, and more. I’m trying to move out of the bad area I’m in but no help from anyone. Council welfare community support grant has turned me away.
At the moment I’ve got no gas and food. I’m 3 dress sizes smaller hence the big baggy clothes that no longer fit. All I seem to face are things in the way of applying for the Community Support Grant scheme. I’m can’t work. I’ve phoned British Gas, my supplier to help with fuel bills. I have no joy and I don’t no what to do.