City of Lincoln assistance scheme for paying bills

Over 130,000 people in the City of Lincoln can use the Community Assistance Scheme if/when they face a financial hardship. The council also partners with other not-for profit organisations to assist with bills, food, and other household expenses. The county and national government scheme provide help to families on a low income and it can assist with the following bills. Or free food parcels and vouchers may be given out.

Bills and financial help from Community Assistance Welfare Scheme in City of Lincoln

Housing expenses: The government welfare programme can help with paying various bills. There are funds or loans to help with fuel and heating costs, also during the winter months. The aim is to keep the lights and heat on. This aid is in addition to Winter Fuel scheme as well as Cold Weather Payments.
Tenants on low income, that are not on a housing allowance, can also get help with rent and damage deposits. Those costs can be paid by the Community Assistance Scheme or a bond deposit that the City of Lincoln provides.

Food and hot meals: There are 5 Trussell Trust foodbanks in the City of Lincoln. They are the primary place for help, and churches including Bridge Church provide free emergency parcels of groceries. Up to 3 days of food can be given for the entire family. However, if more groceries or hot meals are needed, then the City of Lincoln Community Assistance Scheme can give a voucher for more. There are also soup kitchens at the Salvation Army that people, including the homeless, can use for a hot meal.

Household supplies: The Lincoln County can also provide free furniture, white goods, bedding, and other goods for a home. The Community Assistance Scheme can provide free goods from local furniture centres and charities including the Salvation Army which is at 106 High St, Lincoln LN5 7PY, UK. Clients can be given utensils, heaters, beddings, fridges, fans for the summer, and other supplies.

Discretionary financial help is provided too. The City of Lincoln council will assess each and every bill given to it to determine if payment should be made or not. This may include travel, medical, and more. Families on a low income can also explore other assistance from the scheme.

Additional financial aid for City of Lincoln residents

The welfare Community Assistance Scheme is for people who have lived in the city for 3 months or longer and that are age 16 or older. Family, friends and other must have been contacted first. Before council grants or emergency aid is applied too, the applicant also needs to have applied for a loan from Lincolnshire Credit Union. The not-for profit credit union is at City Hall Beaumont Fee, Lincoln LN1 1DD, , and the phone number is 1522 873550.

Emergency welfare also combines free advice from the Lincoln and District Citizens Advice Bureau. This is where a family on a low income, or anyone that is struggling, can learn about government benefits, Universal Credit, debt reduction, payday loan assistance and alternatives, and other services. The aim is to help people budget better and break a cycle of poverty. Employment needs are covered too for those that need that form of help. This post is at Beaumont Lodge, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln LN1 1UL. For an appointment, ring 344 411 1444.

Apply for grants, vouchers, rent or deposit help, food and more as part of the Community Assistance Scheme. Advisors will also link the resident to other resources nearby. As all the not-for-profits and other organisations partner together to help the poor, vulnerable, and others. The welfare applications are at City of Lincoln Council – City Hall Beaumont Fee, Lincoln LN1 1DD, UK. Ring 1522 881188 for information.