Church assistance programmes and schemes

One place to turn to for help is a local church. They are a source of information as well as support. Churches in the United Kingdom may offer free groceries as part of a foodbank, free debt counseling workshops, clothing, and maybe even financial help (or linkage) for paying bills. Some are partners of council rent deposit schemes for the vulnerable. Generally, anyone can turn to a faith-based group, no matter their religion, if they are refugees, race, or age.

Churches often have limited resources and they are all not able to help the poor or disadvantaged. However, when they can offer support they will provide some form of assistance. Even if no food parcels are available or if they are not able to help pay some bills, the church can often still provide comfort as well as linkage to other agencies.

Some of the main churches to try for assistance are below. They are based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; across the UK. Call to apply for an assistance programme.

Churches that provide help

The Salvation Army is a Christian Faith based church. Most of the centres as well as Family Stores help struggling families and those in poverty. They have a social service department that can provide different types of assistance programmes. Some offer financial help for paying bills including fuel or heating to stop a disconnection.

Many of the Salvation Army centres offer free vouchers, or items, for the poor. This may be food from a food bank; blankets for the homeless; white goods; clothes and more. They also generally provide seasonal services, such as free back to school supplies or Christmas toys. This Christian Church based group is one of the main ones and find how to get assistance from Salvation Army.

Several churches are also part of the CAP – Christian Against Poverty not-for profit organization. They focus on helping with debt matters. The churches hold workshops for individuals or families that are behind on their bills and/or in debt. All the assistance from CAP is free and comes from approved counselors.

All types of debt are covered by this scheme. They help families with credit card debts or that need assistance in paying off payday loans. There is help for mortgages or automobile loan payments as well as general money management workshops too. The Churches that are part of CAP offer many types of assistance for all sorts of debt. More on dree debt help from churches.

Local churches – There is bound to be one in each town, village, and borough. As noted, some can provide assistance and others will not be able too. In general, a church offers hot meals and free food parcels. Some also have supplies like furniture, clothes for kids or the poor, household items, and similar goods. Most churches doe not offer financial assistance, but they may refer the person in need to a nearby programme or scheme.

Church of England is in many cities and boroughs, including London. They offer housing assistance from the CHARM scheme. This help those who are renting a property as well as people with a mortgage. CHARM also offers support including emergency supportive housing as well as shelters, and they can help with form filling for council rent deposit schemes. The aim of the Church of England is to help prevent homelessness in the country and ensure people have a safe and affordable place to live. Read more on CHARM from church of England.

City Missions are in most major cities in the UK, and they now have centres in over 20 locations. Most of the assistance programmes from this group of churches are aimed at helping the homeless. The Mission may provide water, free drinks like tea, hot meals, blankets, and other aid to the homeless or people sleeping rough. City Missions also help substance abusers, refugees, and other vulnerable individuals. Find a list of City Missions in the UK.