Cheshire help with rent deposit

Individuals in both Cheshire West as well as East can get help with their deposit or any rent in advance due from several charities or local housing councils. Clients will normally need to be capable of independent living on their own or able to do that in the future. There is also assistance for the homeless and the housing vulnerable in Cheshire.

The main agencies to call for help include Chester Aid To Homeless People as well as other charities noted below. The councils also partner with these not-for-profits to help the vulnerable. The application process for each scheme will vary and some have priority for a certain individual, such as ex-offenders, the currently homeless, or disabled.

Rent deposit assistance is available and the tenant will also receive ongoing support. The Cheshire organisations will provide information on services such as job placement or training, and other ongoing support.

Get help with housing from councils and authorities

Local housing authorities in Cheshire West offer schemes that will guarantee a rent deposit for up to 6 months. This will provide the prospective tenant time to save money and improve their financial condition. The aid is for the homeless and people in priority need. The advisors from the authority will also help the person find a private rental sector home.

Note that the tenant will need to pay the deposit on their own after 6 months, as the guarantee will expire. During this time the individual can get assistance with job training or can use signposting for employment in the area. The address is Cheshire West & Chester Council, HQ, Nicholas Street, Chester, CH1 2NP, or call 0300 123 2442.

The Cheshire based Homeless Prevention Team at Audlam Housing Association works on behalf of the council to help the homeless and vulnerable. They provide two different programmes, and they include the deposit guarantee and well as rent in advance schemes. Both of them put priority on the homeless in the area.

In order to get help with the deposit, the individual needs to be faced with a hardship and be able to address it. They need to work on the problems that lead to them owing rent arrears or even being homeless. Some examples of the other housing services from the Audlam Housing Association including assistance in applying for loans from the community as well applications for as housing benefits. Specialists will also provide tenants with referrals to support, such as furniture, tenancy certificates, and other aid. Call 01298 73798, or stop by the Cheshire council for a referral.

HELP – Help in Emergencies for Local People is a scheme that is available as a last resort for residents in a financial crisis. The council will assess any applications from the needy, and some people that are in priority need or housing vulnerable may receive help for a rent deposit. Call the council at 0300 123 7065, or read more Cheshire West and Chester HELP emergency fund.

Charity schemes that assist with rent deposits in Cheshire

CATH, also called Chester Aid To Homeless People, is a charity organization that assists people that are eligible for the government housing benefit. The applicant also needs to be capable of independent living.

For those eligible families on a low income, a deposit scheme can help them move into new, private accommodations. CATH will also provide the client with food, training, as well as free advice on housing benefit problems. Other support is also provided. Give them a ring at 01244 314834 in order to learn more on how to get help with deposit from CATH, or the main centre is based at 85 Watergate Street, Chester, CH1 2LF.

Young people can get assistance from CREWE YMCA. They provide those aged 18-35 with affordable housing. Also, the individual will be able to get assistance with health care needs, life training, and participate in the key worker system.

To be eligible for the housing, an assessment will need to take place. Based on this, the YMCA will either have space in the housing or partner with Cheshire based landlords to help the young person pay a deposit on a new flat. Or they can explore other services, including legal needs, signposting for employment, and various bond guarantee schemes. Address: 189 Gresty Road, Crewe, CW2 6EL. Call the YMCA at 01270 257673.

Forum Housing Association, which can be called at 0151 649 9718, is a local not-for-profit charity that runs supported accommodation. It is for the formerly homeless that are not in priority need. Guests of the housing will take part in services such as mediation, job training, and get help in applying for a housing allowance. Find more information on the programmes from Forum Housing Association.

Harold Tomlins Day Centre provides a homeless service. The aid they offer is shared housing, food, and free advice for locating permanent housing. They also provide referrals to rental deposit schemes that clients may be eligible for. The centre can even provide medical care to the vulnerable in the community from their office at 24 Grovesnor Street, Chester, CH1 2DD. Call 01244 409158 for hours, or learn more on assistance at Harold Tomlins Centre.