Cambridgeshire help with rental deposits

Many organisations administer schemes for low income families in Cambridgeshire. There is financial aid or a bond guarantee for paying a deposit, some resources may help with rent in advance, and advice and counseling is also available. Other aid is provided too.

Those people that are struggling or homeless may also be placed into temporary accommodation. Or they may receive referrals to other local deposit schemes or some other type of government housing benefit. The goal is to get them off the streets.

The terms of each programme and agency listed below will vary. Some are focused on helping single people or maybe older adults. Others assist individuals with a disability or mental illness. Always keep in mind that resources are limited, and the demand placed on these schemes is very high. So many people will not be able to qualify for assistance with paying their deposit.

In general, priority in Cambridgeshire is for the homeless or people facing eviction. Advisers will provide them information on places to turn to for rent help, applications for a housing benefit, or maybe they will be able to receive assistance with a deposit for new accommodations. However, the applicant needs to have a plan in place for stability.

Housing from not-for-profits

Affordable flats and homes in the area are managed by King Street Housing Society, and their telephone is 01223 312294. Many of the tenants are under the age of 35 and are not eligible for other programmes, including LHA. Others have been resettled into the flats. For people or families that are able to move into them, there are rent guarantee as well as deposit schemes available schemes in they qualify.

Many of their financial aid services are run in partnership with others, however the main office is at 89 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LD. The goal is to prevent and reverse homelessness. They include Uttlesford District Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC), as well as the council from the eastern district. Get help and information on King Street housing.

A charity that focuses on the homeless in the area is St Theresa’s – Peterborough Streets. They also assist the poor, those on welfare, and truly less fortunate. Most clients have low income support or are homeless.

Work with an adviser on finding suitable accommodation in the private rented sector. As part of the process, applicants will be able to apply for grants or loans for paying a deposit. Other support from the charity involves receiving benefit maximisation advice or applying for private schemes. Case workers will also offer other tenant support services such as free legal aid to prevent homelessness, and there are also furniture projects and welcome packs for people moving into a new flat or home. For information, the telephone number to call for referrals is 01733 864157, or find more information on Peterborough Streets deposit schemes.

Local council deposit schemes

Residents of Huntingdonshire can contact the District Council. Address is Pathfinder House, St Mary’s Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 3TN. They offer assistance to the homeless or people in priority need. The local centre operates a rent deposit and also a guarantee scheme.

Those with a local connection will have an assessment done, and based on that they can get help from a bond guarantee or maybe fund to pay a cash deposit. Some clients will be provided a loan for their housing needs. Other services from the council include signposting, help in locating a property in Cambridgeshire, and advice. Call 01480 388388 for information on the council, or read more Huntingdonshire help with rent deposits.

An Access and Deposit Guarantee scheme is run by the Cambridge City Council. The city works to prevent homelessness in the area. Many individuals may be found eligible if they are faced with an emergency and meet income levels. People can even have rent in arrears due to their landlord and can still be eligible for some form of financial aid.

Any type of deposit help is for people with a referral only. This needs to be from the local adviser at the Housing Options and Advice centre, and the address is Hobson House, 44 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AS. Call 01223 457918 for information, or find more details on the Cambridge City Council housing and deposit schemes.

The deposit scheme from the Peterborough City Council is combined with free advice from the Housing Officer. The agency takes a holistic approach to ending homelessness in the area. Not only may they offer help with the deposit, but the team will also negotiate fees, rent in advance payments, and other costs directly with the landlord of the private property. Learn more on how the Peterborough City deposit scheme can assist in finding a new home.

Another option is South Cambridgeshire Hall. They provide a loan scheme for paying a rental deposit. Clients may have a history of substance misuse, mental health problems, be disabled, or under the age of 25. Others, such as the homeless or those that are in arrears on their rent, may also apply for the scheme. Case workers will not only offer the Bond Guarantee, but help clients find affordable housing with a private landlord. The centre is at Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, CB23 6EA, or learn more on deposit assistance in South Cambridgeshire.