Bristol deposit and tenant rental schemes

Charities and not-for profits in Bristol can help people with their rent in advance and housing needs. Several programmes, including bond guarantees, schemes for rent, and assistance with deposits are available for the homeless and vulnerable in the area. If an agency can’t meet client’s needs, then they may offer referrals to other grant or housing solutions in Bristol.

Clients may receive advice or direct financial assistance. A priority is usually on the elderly, youth, or the currently homeless. Many of the organisations also partner with churches or government agencies in order to coordinate the rent schemes. This allows more people from the area to get some type of help. While the demand is high and resources are limited, so of what may be provided is below.

Social workers will generally create a support plan with the client. Based on the result of that, they may offer assistance with applying for community grants or finding properties. Financial assistance may be offered in the form of government benefits, deposit schemes or assistance for the advance rent that many landlord require. There are also budgeting loans used in the area. When needed, organisations coordinate resources for other housing needs, such as legal support and mediation with landlords. The goal is to preventing homelessness and rehouse people in Bristol.

Charity and not-for profit deposit assistance

1625 Independent People – The not-for profit organization focuses on youth in the Bristol region. The offer rental assistance for homeless prevention, budgeting support, and free legal aid. Youth may also get a welcome pack when they move into new accommodations, or can apply for deposit schemes on the new flat. Address is Kingsley Hall, 59 Old Market Street, BS2 0ER, Phone: 0800 731 72 13.

Bristol based Second Step – They offer numerous housing services for people that have a mental challenge. Some of the options include emergency housing, supportive units, Intensive Tenancy Support, and schemes to pay for resettlement. All those who qualify for help will learn about various assistance programmes available to them, such as deposit schemes and other benefits. Case workers will provide ongoing support to ensure the rent continues to be paid on time. Read more housing from Second Step.

Julian Trust Shelter now only can offer accomodations to the homeless, but the charity provides other services in Bristol as well. Key workers can help the low income apply for rent deposit schemes from the council or charities. Guests of the housing programmes are also provided meals, clothing, and other services to hold them over until deposit assistance is provided. More on housing services from Julian Trust Night Shelter.

Saint Mungo – Some of the services provided include outreach, placement into temporary accommodations, and referrals to rental deposit schemes in Bristol. The charity will also focus on resettlement and preventing future homelessness. Key workers will work with tenants on sustaining their residency as well, as they work to help the vulnerable with overcoming their hardship. Find more information on housing and rental schemes from St Mungo.

Temporary accommodations and resettlement schemes are provided by the Salvation Army of Bristol. The organisation also partners with other local charities or even churches. Accommodations can be provided by Lifehouse and other programmes. Specialists will also help clients apply for rent in advance, housing benefits, and other Bristol Salvation Army support services.

Solon housing agency supports the entire area, including Bristol. The not for profit partners with social services and other charities on proving referrals to deposit schemes as well as other housing. Clients include women impacted by domestic violence, the disabled, and tenants living in poverty. Find more information on support from Solon housing agency and learn how to staff can assist.

Schemes from government agencies in Bristol

CAB of Bristol – They mostly offer free referrals and advice, including to the homeless and tenants. The centre can be a great place to learn about welfare benefits and various deposit schemes that are available in the area. They offer advice for the needy and low income in the city. 12 Broad Street, Bristol BS1 2HL, 08444 994718

Bristol City Council Private Renting Team – A series of loans and bonds may be issued as a form of resettlement. This is a reactive approach to Homelessness Prevention. There is help for those facing eviction, the currently homeless, and those people that are ready to move on to a new accommodation.

Working with charities and churches, the city council will offer security deposit schemes and applications to housing benefits, including fast tracking them. Advisers also assist with offering certificates obtained before tenancy, such as for gas, and offer referrals to furniture and food programs. Any financial assistance, such as rent in advance loans, are paid directly to landlords. If a tenant needs it, landlord mediation is offered too. PO Box 595, Bristol, BS99 2AW, Phone: 0117 3772872

Housing Advice team, or NH/AC, operates Customer Service Points. They are used to provide advice, referrals and support as a form of homeless prevention. Referrals are needed from support workers in order to get advice.

Clients can get help in applying for government benefits or assistance in finding private rented sector accommodations. The homeless may be eligible for funds as part of a deposit scheme.

For tenants facing evictions, they can get linkage to other housing options, including emergency financial assistance for their rent arrears. There is also access to mediation services for youth, victims of domestic abuse or people leaving their current home. In general, the Housing Advice can refer people to various benefits and other schemes in the area. FREEPOST BS4341, Bristol, BS99 2BR, 0117 352 6800

South Gloucestershire operates a bond scheme or guarantee as a form of housing payment. Clients and low income families can get help moving into private rented accommodations in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area. There are programmes for people that are pregnant, the homeless, and those with a mental illness or disability. Those on a low income with no other support from an agency or the government may also qualify for rent schemes or grants. The centre is located at The Council Offices, Castle Street, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 9BR, Phone: 01454 868005.


Josephine says:

Hi there I’m just after some advice, basically I have 2 children with disabilities and serve special needs.
I’m currently living in an area in Bristol that is not suitable for their needs, unfortunately due to my rent arrears being so high I’m unable to exchange my home.
I was just wondering if there are any grants or deposit schemes that my children would be eligible for because of their disability that would allow us to move into suitable accommodation to suit there needs.
I’d be very very great full If you could perhaps tell me what I can apply for.
Thank you very much.