Birmingham rent and deposit schemes | West Midlands

Vulnerable individuals in the city of Birmingham as well as the greater West Midlands area can get rent help from both government and private rent schemes. The focus is on stopping evictions. Other assistance is for those individuals that are homeless, and they may be eligible for different types of housing benefits or security deposit schemes.

Most of the organisations are run as charities, and they rely on help from volunteers and government grants for funds. Not only can assistance be provided in the form of a scheme, but many groups also provide accommodation at affordable rents for those in most need.

Priority is normally for people with a disability, the elderly, and adults of the age of 18. There is often rent schemes for Birmingham households with children as well, as they will be most at risk if they are homeless. For more information, try calling a charity or not for profit organization below.

Government funded deposit schemes

Birmingham Social Services – People that are facing an emergency or short term crisis may be able to receive a grant to pay a portion of their rent. There are two options available, and they include the Welfare Provision as well as the Discretionary Fund. Each of these programmes has different eligibility conditions that need to be met, but they may be able to offer assistance for rental costs. Continue with Birmingham discretionary housing payments.

Citizens Advice Bureaus can provide information on housing resources, including deposit schemes, shelters, or emergency rent progammes. Homeless prevention is one focus of these bureaus. Clients can receive referrals and support from a location in their area. While there are many locations in West Midland, some of them are below.

  • Gazette Buildings, 168 Corporation Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 6TF, 08444 77 1010
  • Perry Common Library, College Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham, West Midlands, B44 0HH, dial 08444 77 1010

Coventry City Council provides eligible clients with the access to private rented properties scheme. Known as APRP, it will help homeless people with placement into some type of private sector accommodation or housing. Clients need to apply through the Housing Options Team.

Individuals that qualify can get assistance with rent in advance. Other support includes guidance and advocacy. There may also be help for rental deposits. Spire House, New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2PW, T: 024 7683 4025.

There is other assistance available for people in Coventry, and the Community Support Grant can sometimes help with housing or deposit payments. The council runs this service, and it is a form of welfare provided at the local level. The aim is to help families sustain their tenancy, and to also assist the homeless and vulnerable (such as elderly and lone parents) with moving into a new home by providing funds for rent in advance. Learn more Coventry Community Support Grant scheme.

Dudley residents can ring the housing options team for advice. The council will not only mediate with a landlord to help a family enter into a tenancy agreement, but they will also provide a bond guarantee for the deposit. The scheme will assist single people, couples on benefits, and other families on a low income in the borough. Continue with the Dudley Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Home Lettings is a partnership with Birmingham City Council. Together they offer clients and landlord services such as housing benefits and help with finding low rent properties or flats in the PRS. Freepost, Birmingham, B1 1BR, Phone: 0121 303 1493.

Walsall Council and the Rent Guarantee Scheme is for people with a priority need, or that are homeless, may be eligible for the rent guarantee scheme. There is also help for low income people that are threatened with evictions and homelessness. Other schemes are for individuals with physical disabilities, rent arrears due on to their landlord, Ex-offenders, elderly, and other vulnerable people.

The council offers property inspections in West Midland. Other help is for Cash Deposit and applications for Housing Benefit assistance. While financial aid is limited, there are resources available. People need to register and apply to the homeless section of Walsall. Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 1TP, call 01922 653405, or find additional deposit help in Walsall.

Help is provided from charities and not-for-profits in West Midlands

Tenants threatened by homeless, or people on the streets and sleeping rough in West Midlands, can contact a charity too. These centres will often provide advice and support to individuals in poverty. While not all of the agencies will have funds for the deposit or a rent in advance that is due, if they do not then they may be able to help an individual access short term housing such as a hostel or they can get advice on applying for other local schemes, or even get their housing benefit application fast tracked.

Birmingham City Mission can provide referrals and signposting to housing programmes, which include deposit schemes and other resources. The Care Centre that is operated by the charity is the place for the low income and homeless to drop in at for more information. There is also furniture and household items for new homes from the charity shop, and volunteers direct clients to many rental services. Learn more on Birmingham City Mission housing schemes.

The Walsall based Glebe Centre provides housing assistance along with other support. Everything from information on deposit schemes across West Midlands as well as temporary accommodations are available. The team at the charity provide advice and help in accessing these programs, and find details on housing programmes from Glebe Centre.

Heantun Housing Association – This charity will provide rented housing to individuals and low income families. The applicant from the Birmingham area must have a past history of being homeless and also be at least 18 years of age. Some of the services provided by the organization include free legal support for tenant rights and referrals to support services in West Midland County.

Some of the more financial incentives from Heantun Housing include Bond and Deposit guarantees, applications to government Housing Benefits and rent schemes, and other practical support for tenants on deposits and setting up tenancy in a property. Many other services are provided too. 3 Wellington Road, Bilston, Wolverhampton, WV14 6AA, Phone: 01902 571100.

Midland Heart runs the Homeless Service Centre in Birmingham. The aim of the organisation is to find a permanent solution to homelessness. The team at the charity can offer assistance with applying for deposit schemes, welfare, and much more. Hundreds of West Midland families drop in at the site each month for help. Find help from Homeless Services from Midland Heart.

In some cases, an individual needs time to apply for a deposit scheme. In these cases, there are short term emergency accommodations that can be used. They range from overnight shelters to housing and similar services. Each centre offers different types of support to people staying there. Locate the Birmingham shelters and temporary housing locations if needed.

SIFA Fireside – Housing assistance and the promotion of independence is provided. Case workers offer support, guidance, and advice on various rent schemes and other benefits. They also promote education and employment. Various other tenancy support services are offered to vulnerable individuals. 48-52 Allcock Street, Birmingham, B9 4DY, Phone: 0121 766 1700, or find assistance with housing from SIFA.

Solihull Community can be contacted for information on the Housing Bond Scheme. This not-for profit also runs a deposit guarantee as well as rent scheme. The client must have a connection to Solihull. Help is for people threatened with becoming homeless or an eviction. There is also programmes for the homeless. They also partner with Community Housing. SMBC Office, West Mail, Chelmsley Wood, B37 5TN. For more information, the telephone is 0121 717 1515.

There is also a Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme. This is another of the aid programmes available from Solihull Community Housing. The service is for people claiming benefits, on a low income, or the homeless. For those that are eligible, they will provide a deposit guarantee of up to one month’s of rent costs.

To apply, contact the homeless prevention team that is part of Solihull Community Housing. It is located at the Chelmsley Wood area office. An interview needs to occur, the client needs referrals (such as from a Social Worker), and more information is needed as well as proof of the crisis. The Rent Deposit Guarantee Team can answer questions. 8 Coppice Way, Chelmsley Wood shopping centre, B37 5TX, Telephone 0121 717 1515

Trident Reach, also known as The People Charity, has a few locations. The organization works to stop the cycle of homelessness in the Birmingham region. Homeless Service specialists help people achieve independence and employment. Clients are homeless or those with a history of it.

Help is provided for applying for budgeting loans and community care grants. They also provide tenant and landlord services in West Midland, information on numerous rent schemes, furniture programmes, and security deposit guarantees. Mediation services are also for tenants that are behind on their rent.

  • Coventry Regional Office is at Koco Community Resource Centre, Unit 15Room 23, The Arches, Spon Lane, Coventry CV1 3JQ, (T) 02476 675752
  • Dudley and Wolverhampton Regional Office: 1st Floor, LCP House, Pensnett Trading Estate, Kingswinford DY6 7NA, (T) 01384 400123
  • Several other centres are located in the greater West Midlands region. The charity focuses on addressing many of the housing and deposit needs of the homeless and vulnerable, including those with disabilities and older people. Find information on schemes, temporary accommodation, and other aid. More Trident Reach the People Charity.

Young people can turn to St Basils for housing assistance. The charity supports individuals under the age of 25 and that are either homelessness or that are close to it. Staff from the organisation will help the client on the path to independent living, and provide them with resettlement schemes if needed. They are also involved in a number of schemes that are part of the solutions provided by St Basils housing services that can assist with rent deposits on a new flat.


Kemisha Edwards says:

Hi, me and my partner just had a baby on the 24/02/2017 and where we are staying in Birmingham is not appropriate for the newborn to be in the place. It is cold and damp and is over crowded and we want to move to a bigger place but have no deposit.
We can barely pay for the rent and the housing benefit is not helping us because they claim that we are earning too much which I don’t understand because my partner is not working. She’s getting maternity grant which is 365 pound every week and I’m getting 271 pound every two weeks. I also have to buy all the equipment for the baby, pay the rent deposit, get items which includes baby cot and all other things for the baby. Please help us.