Basildon hardship payments

Financial assistance is available in Basildon for both rent, tax, and basic needs from two different Exceptional Hardship Payments schemes. The 3 options are the Exceptional Hardship Payments, DHP for paying rent, and linkage to Trussell Trust food banks for a parcel of free groceries. In addition, the council will have information on other local charities as well as welfare schemes.

When applying for any of these assistance programmes, there is never a guarantee to receiving help. In fact many people are denied aid. There is a limited amount of money for the government schemes, and other organisations (such as Trussell Trust) also have limited resources. But every effort is made to provide some form of emergency help when all other options have been used up.

Housing benefit schemes – There are two options that are offered for people in Basildon that are on LHA. One will help with rent arrears, and the other assists with taxes. Both are of limited funding. They are aimed at making up a shortfall in any government government or council support.

EHP, or the Exceptional Hardship Payment is aimed at paying council taxes. When a resident does not get enough support from the Basildon council, then EHP can make up some of the shortfall in that payment. This particular scheme is run by the local council and not national government.

Tenants in Basildon, that are living in government supported housing and that are short on their rent, can get help from a Discretionary Housing Payment, or DHP. This programme is paid for by the central government, but funds are available at the local council.

DHP is aimed at paying the different in rent between what the landlord charges and what the government pays the family for the home or flat. With the cost of housing in Basildon and elsewhere very high, many people still struggle to keep up. Discretionary Housing Payments can be used to provide a little bit of help in some instances.

Both of the Basildon hardship payment schemes will require an application. An assessment will be done by the team at the council to determine if there is a true need and what else can be done first, besides a welfare scheme. Applicants also need to be on Universal Credit or LHA first. Also these are time limited payments; the Basildon council will not pay out financial help on a long term basis. Applicants must be only in a short term hardship.

There is never a guarantee to anyone from Basildon in receiving financial aid. But even if the council can’t help, they will try to link the applicant to another option. As there are organisations that work to help the poor and families on a limited income.

Linkage to charities in Basildon

The Exceptional Hardship as well as Discretionary Housing Payments are both run by the council. However the local authorities have information on other assistance programmes in the area too. As there are many local churches, charities, and not-for-profit organisations that work to assist the poor.

One of the key partners is the Trussell Trust Charitable Food Bank, and the telephone number is 07424 660 862. This group provides up to 3 days of emergency food to individuals with a voucher. They are also one of the centres that offer the fuel voucher from their location at Pitsea Leisure Centre, Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Basildon, Essex, SS13 3DU. But council also has information on other places for aid.

As far as the post of the Council, it is at Basildon Centre, St. Martin’s Square, Basildon, Essex, SS14 1DL. Ring 01268 533333 to get customer support to learn about welfare schemes as well as payment programmes.