Barnsley grants and loans from emergency welfare

Families in a financial crisis can get assistance from one of two welfare schemes in the town of Barnsley. Emergency loans are provided for paying some bills, including electric, gas, or for food. The other scheme available from the local authorities is a grant, and the money from the council helps with travel or moving costs as well as other needs.

Any money or in-kind goods from the council (or its partner the South Yorkshire credit union) are given when a person is threatened with unexpected circumstances. The assistance is aimed at ensuring that each person has the essentials for their family. So people local to Barnsley that are on a low income or in poverty can get a parcel of food or electricity bill paid, among other costs.

Loans are only given to people over the age of 16 that have an income. This is required as there is a repayment schedule that will need to be agreed too. In addition, these emergency welfare loans are for British citizens with an income less than £16,400 a year. Or they can apply if they are on benefits including Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance, Pension Credit, Employment Support Allowance, or Income Support.

Moving expenses can also be paid for using this Barnsley Welfare Assistance scheme. The client may be given as many as two different low interest loans from the credit union. The exact amount of money a family local to Barnsley can borrower will depend on their income and ability to repay it.

Any type of cost involved in moving can be paid. The loans can cover removal costs or some of the rental deposit. If the property owner has any type of fee for signing the tenancy agreement, or if there are other bills due from the move, those bill can be paid too.

Anyone that needs help in setting up their home can get help too. Grants provided by the Barnsley council can help people moving from a hospital, residential care centre, or hostel into their own flat. If the applicant will have a legal interest (such as tenancy agreement or be an owner) then free items such as fridges, mattresses, washing machines, or cookers may be awarded to them per the grant program.

The Barnsley Local Welfare Scheme can pay for bus tickets, travel, or train costs too. It will only pay for emergency travel that is for a specific needs. This may be for the death of a loved one. Or the council may give a free train ticket for a commuting if the person would otherwise lose their job.

Emergency loans are also provided by the local credit union as part of welfare to pay for immediate assistance. This is also part of the Barnsley Local Welfare Assistance scheme. The money is used to pay for daily living expenses if the client is facing a disaster. This may be if the person is sick, had a house fire, gas explosion, lost their job unexpectedly but is waiting on a new one to start, or for families lacking heat. Other discretionary loans can also be provided based on an assessment of the council.

The funds are used to keep the person safe, fed, and warm. This is why the local welfare scheme can pay for heating costs. Or it can buy a parcel of food, or the Barnsley council will give a voucher for the local charitable foodbank. There may also be loans used for medical needs, housing for tenants threatened by homelessness, and more.

The borrower will need to agree to a repayment plan by the South Yorkshire Credit Union. The aim is to make it affordable, but the assistance is still given using a loan. So the money does need to be paid back.

Applications to the welfare scheme can be provided after 10am Monday – Friday at Barnsley Council, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG. Or ring the council at 01226 775577. The application will be assessed by the scheme administrator. Based on income, savings, and the amount of funding at the council, a grant award will be provided when possible. Or the credit union may issue a loan.