Anxiety and depression – need heating oil and food in my house in Magerharefelt

Help me please, I have no money to buy heating oil and there is no food in the house. I live alone, I have bad anxiety, congenital spine erosion which is irreversible and extremely painful, I spend weeks at a time in bed, coupled with clinical depression. I also had a mental breakdown and a brain seizure.
I am on lots of medication for my depression and regularly see a care worker from Lough View Resource Centre, 2-4 Ballyronan Road, Magerharefelt. I desperately need home heating oil for the winter as I am not very mobile and need to have the heating on a lot, and need food shopping but I do not have any money to pay for these. Is there food for a depressed person? I have to use a taxi if I need to go anywhere and this takes most of my benefits.
I really don’t know who to turn to. I cannot fill out long forms as I get confused and forgetful, I suffer from anxiety, I feel ashamed to be begging for help but I cannot think of a way out. Could you please help me. Thank You Very Much,