Anglian Water Assistance Fund can clear arrears

Customers of Anglian Water who have experienced a recent financial setback may find that their utility service depends on keeping up with payments. Failure to make that payment will not cause disconnection of water service, but it could lead to County Court action or even bankruptcy. Fortunately a charitable fund can help out.

The Anglian Water Assistance Fund was established for the benefit of low income and struggling customers. Any type of financial aid is only for households that receive their service from Anglian Water, however there can be some exceptions as noted. It is for those who are struggling and otherwise facing the consequences of not paying their bills without any help. Hartlepool Water customers may also be included in the scheme, since the fund is open to customers of both companies.

The purpose of the fund is to provide a single grant in the form of a bill credit to water customers that have suffered a recent hardship. It is not intended to be a permanent support for customers with chronic financial difficulties.

The Fund receives lots of applications for help. Applicants that have the greatest need, yet also have a high expectation to rebound from a recent financial crisis may be more likely to be selected to receive assistance with their water bill.

The goal of the fund is to utilize any available resources to help lower income customers rebound from financial difficulties. It is intended to be a form of short term financial aid. If a case can be made by the applicant that a bit of funding can help you permanently bounce back from a financial crisis, then your application for water assistance may be approved.

The Fund receives many more applications than it has funding for. This necessitates that only the applicants showing the most need yet highest likelihood of success have the greatest chance of getting approved.

A grant for your water costs can cover the arrears on an account and bring your it back to current. The expectation is that you will be able to handle your monthly water bill on your own after you have received one time financial aid. So the customer needs to be on the path to stability.

While you may have problems with paying multiple utilities or other basic needs, providing help with water bills is the primary function of the Anglian Fund. the money can’t be used for any other expenses.

To request aid, call the Anglian Water Assistance Fund on 01733 421060. Calls are answered by Charis Grants which administers the fund.

Helpful Suggestions

It can be advantageous to fully explain why you fell behind on your water bill. Be honest, even if you made a mistake. Also be prepared to point out any events that caused your financial situation to weaken. This can include job loss, illness or even a traffic accident. Providing documentation that proves the hardship can improve your chances for approval of your aid application.

Also, you should show what changes you are making to improve your finances. Let the committee know how you intend to make future water bill payments on-time. It helps them to see that you can be expected to remain current on your bill if you receive a one-time grant through this special grant programme.


patsy blissett says:

Hello, My husband and I have got into arrears with both our water charges. This is due to my husband loosing his job and both our illness. He has now started working again but we have been taken to court over the water bills and we are finding it very hard to try and sort these out along with all the other bills we have due. Therefore we are hoping that you can help in some way as Anglian Water told us to get in touch with yourselves. Thank you.