Arrears on electricity bill and rent as I was redundant at job

I became redundant and have fallen behind on my bills. My daughter who resides with me has a medical condition that is expensive and she is unable to work. I have attempted at the local Bolton council offices to see about discretionary welfare assistance to prevent the electric from being shut off and for housing assistance as I am in almost three months of rent arrears. I have been paying everyone in small increments but a fixed income does not go far. I have finally gotten a job but it is a quarter of my usual pay scale. As a result, I am told that the electric from EDF Energy will be shut off and the 21.00 that I owe that I will not have until Friday is the reason.  For years I was on a fixed payment plan of 182.00.

When I became redundant I had 1000.00 as a credit in my savings account. I was told that due to my not being able to make the 182.00 a month for the electric to pay what I could and they would work off the difference with the excess credit. Instead of working with me-every month I am threatened with disconnection by EDF.
So I do not know where to turn. My property owner is demanding money for the rent arrears; EDF Energy  is demanding money (though a doctors certified letter about my daughters medical device is on file it is not sufficient now to thwart a disconnect for 21.00)
Is there anywhere I can turn for some kind of assistance? I am working in excess of 50 hours a week and still not making enough for basic necessities. Please advice.